Day 5:

Side Plank Openers

Happy Day 5!! We’re almost through week 1 already and you are doing amazing!!

Today we’re bringing in the SIDE PLANK! You ready?? Let’s go!!

Your plank variation today is the side plank opener. We start in a low plank, with your forearms stacked horizontally on the ground. Ensure you have proper plank form first – then reach 1 hand up to the ceiling and open into a side plank so your whole body is perpendicular to the floor. Modify if needed – you are welcome to drop your bottom knee – but be sure to keep that nice straight plank line from your head to the floor.

Pause for just a moment in side plank, then control as you roll back to plank. Then open up to side plank on the other side. Keep rolling from side to side – but ensure you have control. Repeat 12 times. (Newbie plankers – each side counts as 1. Experienced plankers, you know the deal. Right and left is 1!!)

Today’s challenge:
– 12 Side plank openers
– Baseline high plank + 10 seconds

We’d love to see you in your plank! I’m sure you’re feeling stronger by now – and we want to celebrate you!