Day 10:

Leg Lifts

Welcome to day 10 of our 21 day playing with planks challenge.

I’m excited for today’s challenge as I love to work booty! Ready? Let’s do this …

In today’s variation we’re rocking plank leg lifts. As always, be sure to start with perfect plank form! Then – lift 1 leg at a time, controlling back down. Note that the lift comes from the booty! Feel the squeeze through the back of your legs (hamstrings & glutes), and use that squeeze to lift the leg. It’s not a big high kick – doesn’t need to be a big move. Just enough to challenge your balance in your plank as you lift each leg – and then to feel the booty fire up!

For counting, same as usual. If you’re still new at planking, you may count each lift as 1.

Otherwise, a right and left is 1!

Today’s challenge:
– 10 Leg lifts
– Baseline low plank + 5 seconds
Repeat 3 times

This is week 2 of the challenge – we’re kicking it up a notch. You’re welcome 🙂