You Don’t Need Medicine To Heal Or Be Healthy

I have never taken prescription medication, never had a single vaccine, and never required surgery.

This includes painkillers and antibiotics.

I’m 48 years old.

Neither have my three children (two adults), who were each born at home (In 3 different countries) with no medical intervention.

I have been to an MD twice in my entire adult life. One time for a rash to see if it was contagious so I could keep seeing patients, and once for a physical to get my residency in Spain.

It can be done.

Reliance on the medical healthscare system is public health risk number one.

You see what you seek.

Invest in learning how your body works and seek health-promoting information and services. We are out here and can offer much more than the dreaded future the American medical system provides.

Research, read, and live congruently with health promotion and healing; it shall be yours.

Medicine is the last temporary option as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and make new changes after trying everything else.

And no, you haven’t tried everything.

We can do better!

Dr. Don


End of Medicine