Day 2:

UPPER – Shoulder Taps

Day TWO – whoop whoop!

So how did you do yesterday with working on your form and getting your baseline? Please ensure you have that before we get started today. As today we’re getting right to work playing with our planks …

Today we are going to start eliminating a pillar of support. You know that tables are super strong as they have 4 pillars, right? Imagine if you took 1 away? Well – when you’re in your plank, you’re balancing on 4 pillars. So you guessed it – we’re going to take 1 away today.

Get into your perfect high plank position (yes you can use the modification or intensifications we talked about yesterday if needed). From your perfect plank, lift up 1 hand and tap your opposite shoulder. Then with control, lower it back down.

Practice this for a bit – get the feeling of moving to 3 pillars. See how slow you can move through this – and how controlled you can be. Imagine there’s a glass of water on your back, and try your best to keep your upper body still to not spill it.

Once you’ve got the feeling, then start counting – 10 shoulder taps, alternating hands to opposite shoulders. (If you’re still new at planks, then each tap counts as 1. If you’re experienced, a right and a left count as 1).

10 shoulder taps.

Then – repeat your static high plank like you did yesterday – but today your goal is to BEAT YOUR BASELINE time by 5 seconds!! Know your target and go for it!

Repeat this 2 times:
– 10 shoulder taps
– Baseline +5 seconds high plank

And that’s your day 2! Are we having fun yet playing with our planks?

See you tomorrow …