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ozempic for weightloss

Recap: The growingly popular weight loss drug Ozempic and many like it are classified as GLP-1 agonists.

GLP-1 stands for Glucagon Like Peptide – 1.

Part two: 

GLP-1 in the gut is made in specialized L-cells in the lining of the upper intestine and is included in the Incretin Hormone category.

Incretin hormones signal to the nerves of the gut, which take the signal and become a neurotransmitter that sends a message through the vagus nerve to the pancreas to stimulate insulin secretion.

70% of the total insulin response comes from this first-phase incretin signal. 

The second phase, insulin release, accounts for the remaining 30% of our total insulin response. It comes directly from the pancreas, which detects the remaining glucose in our bloodstream.

GLP-1, as part of the first phase of insulin response, “interprets” food well before it is fully digested before it is absorbed into the liver and sent out to our body in the bloodstream.

Processed foods made from or with powder are the strongest stimuli for incretin hormones like GLP-1, which generate an unnatural insulin hypersecretion.

This applies to any powder. Every flour, regardless of the source (wheat, coconut, almond, etc.), includes other powders like any source protein powder and any cooked starches (making them soft).

It’s about the particle size, not the ingredient.

By taking these GLP-1 agonist medications, you are artificially signaling a hyperinsulin response to all foods, hence why blood sugar goes down with these drugs.

Many medical institutions and doctors say this is evidence of increased insulin sensitivity. 

It’s not.

You artificially increase insulin output to force or bully the body to take up blood glucose. That’s not insulin sensitivity. It’s glucose clearance. It is very different; not all methods to increase glucose clearance are healthy or good. 

Insulin sensitivity reflects the body’s ability to use insulin effectively and efficiently with as little insulin secretion as possible. 

The Kraft studies and analysis conducted a glucose tolerance test that included a blood insulin test at each time marker.

The results map out the glucose clearance rate and insulin secretion together to show five very telling patterns that can predict the development of type two diabetes ten years before the onset with over a 90% accuracy rate.

Stay with me until the end, but here’s the summary:

Three of the five patterns predict what he called “diabetes in situ,” or diabetes waiting to happen.

Patter Two: Normal insulin peak with a delayed return to baseline (60 min).

Pattern Three: Delayed insulin peak appearing later than 60 min.

Pattern Four: Baseline insulin levels of 50 microunits or higher.

67% of the participants with a diabetic insulin response had NORMAL glucose tolerance test results.

100% of the participants in the confirmed diabetic range for the glucose tolerance test had diabetic insulin levels.

What does that mean?

Diabetes is an insulin problem, not a blood sugar problem.

It means that if you lower people’s blood sugar levels, even to normal, alone, they are still progressing to type two diabetes, or in the case of established type two diabetes, they are still diabetic, only with lower blood sugar numbers.

It means that using blood sugar management as the only metric for type two diabetes guarantees they stay diabetic and continue to get worse.

This is exactly what these weight loss medications are doing, will continue to do, and have done by artificially stimulating a hyper and prolonged insulin response in those taking them.

They create metabolic dysfunction and accelerate the path of insulin resistance, cause metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes, and inevitably will accelerate and increase the rate of type three diabetes: Alzheimer’s Dementia.

So you tell me:

How many years of life (12-14 year reduction on average for the diabetic diagnosed by 40 years old) are your extra pounds worth?

How many pounds are a good trade for diabetic blindness (the number one cause of blindness) or lower limb diabetic amputations (the number one cause of amputations)?

How many jeans sizes make it worth going bankrupt due to medical expenses (the number one cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.)?

By the way, 75% of those who go bankrupt from medical expenses were fully insured.

Metabolic health, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Dementia, and most chronic degenerative diseases are determined by the master hormone, insulin. 

Not body weight. Not blood sugar. Insulin. 

Ozempic and the other drugs in their class artificially terrorize the body and raise insulin as they do.

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We can do better!

Dr. Don