Fructose Is Not a Nutrient, It Is a Toxin

There is not a single pathway, biochemical reaction, or process in the body that requires fructose.

Fructose is therefore not a nutrient, as in that it adds any nutrition directly, as a cofactor, or has a supportive effect in any cellular or bodily function.

It can only be used for energy.

There is only one organ in the body that has the carrier to bring fructose into its cells to metabolize it, and that is the liver.

Fructose is metabolized using the exact same pathway as another carbohydrate source that we metabolize, but it provides little to no energy despite its potential energy of 7 calories per unit.

All the dangers, damage, and severe health deterioration that result from consuming alcohol at high levels are the exact same for fructose, with the only difference being the intoxication effect.

Alcohol is at least self-limiting and you eventually have to stop consuming it simply because you have passed out. This is however unfortunately not the case with fructose, which can be consumed all day and night long. And people do.

Fructose does not contribute to restoring our glycogen reserves, nor is it used by the rest of our body, and since the liver prioritizes it to break it down immediately once it has been ingested, it holds it back from the body so it doesn’t impact blood sugar or insulin.

As the liver tries to get rid of the toxic fructose, the backup in the liver then goes through the process of creating new fat cells to store it. These are called denovolipogenesis. This new fat gets deposited directly in the liver and as visceral fat in the abdomen.

Fructose is the number one cause of non-alcoholic liver disease, the number one liver disease in the world. It’s called non-alcoholic because this process of developing fatty liver used to only be seen when heavy alcohol abuse takes place. Now, with the additional 60 lbs. of fructose per year the average American consumes, that pathway and process is no longer the sole purview of alcohol.

Fructose is now shown to cause, not correlate to, but cause diabetes. It is the number one cause that has been identified.

Children are particularly susceptible to this problem as they grow and toddlers between 2 and 5 years old are the fastest growing population with diabetes. We now even have newborns being born obese and with metabolic syndrome.

The problem isn’t calories or added calories.

The problem isn’t obesity or weight gain.

The problem is fructose.

If you understand this and you still think it is not okay to give a developing child alcohol, but will let them have fructose, we as a culture and as a society are in severe danger, just like our kids are!

We can do better!

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