Day 9:

Side Punches

Question for you – how did you find your low plank baseline compared to your high plank?

A lot of people seem to think a low plank is easier – but personally I find the high plank to be easier. It’s always good to work on both – and that’s what we’re doing through this 21 day challenge.

Today we’re back in our low plank. You plank variation is Low Plank Side Punches. Focus on the control and stabilization as you punch side and back in, then to the other side and back in. Remember – there’s a glass of water resting on your back – CONTROL! Do not allow the wobbles in your upper body as you extend to each side.

TIPS to help stabilize – keep your feet a little wider than hip width apart – and press back into your heels. Tighten your glutes & quads – you should really feel your thigh muscles kick in as you punch side. Keep your eye gaze ahead of your hands, hips tucked under, and elbows right under your shoulders. BREATHE!!!

Today’s challenge:
– 10 side punches
– Baseline LOW plank + 5 seconds
Repeat THREE times!
Yes – we’re repeating the challenge 3 times this week.

This is week 2 of the challenge – we’re kicking it up a notch. You’re welcome 🙂