It is confirmed that taking supplements while fasting made me miserable!

It took about 5-7 days to realize this fast was different. 

Later in the day, I became very tired and had trouble concentrating when reading or writing. I felt fatigued, my incredible fasting sleep was disrupted, my weight loss slowed, and the worst part was the distinct negativity it brought to my mood.

I wanted to end the fast, stop the challenge, eat fried chicken, and sleep for a day or two.

Then, I stopped taking my daily multivitamin, B-complex, NAD+ promoter, herbal hormone support, and magnesium. Within five hours, I started feeling this cloud of yuck lift, and it went away completely in one day.

I stayed off the supplements while fasting for another three days and then reintroduced them again, and BAM! Within the first 4 hours, I felt the cloud slowly creep in and get worse for the following three days until I again stopped the supplements and bounced back. 

I went on supplements, then off, then back on for three days, and now off again, and I feel great. I am losing weight again, and my waistline jumped another inch smaller.

When in the deep, fasted state, the body is in full control and needs no help, just no interference.

Daily requirements are not the same when the body recycles at maximum efficiency.

Taking things to help, support, or maintain anything in the form of supplements while fasting caused me issues!

I believe I was overmethylating, and I believe that can happen both on and off an extended fast, so be careful. 

This is the first and last extended fast where I used supplements for anything.

Okay, here’s an update on fasting: I have lost 17 lbs, 3 inches off my waistline, and sleep like never before.

I am getting ready for the muscle rebuild program after extended fasting due to this severe swing my body went through with this little supplement experiment.

I’m staying strong but may end this 30-day fasting effort early. We shall see.

For all of you who suffer through fasting for any reason, I encourage you not to blame the fasting but rather your efforts before and during the fast, whether due to poor preparation and planning or trying to help as I did in this one.

Prep and plan appropriately before you fast, and know how to navigate an extended fast along the way. 

Have a solid plan for when you come off it, and watch how much better your fasting experience can be!

We can do better!

Dr. Don