Day 3:

LOWER – Plank Foot Taps

Welcome to day 3 – playing with planks!

Yesterday we started challenging our balance & stability by lifting our arms in our shoulder taps. Today we continue playing with lifting our pillars, but today we are lifting our feet and tapping to the side.

Ready? Let’s go!

Always be sure to have your perfect plank form before starting any variation. Shoulders right over wrists, eye gaze forward, core braced, hips tucked under. Once you’re solid with that, lift 1 leg and tap it to the side, then back in, and repeat with the other leg.

Try it out for a few times to get the feeling. You should really feel your quads and glutes tighten up to help with stabilizing and control.

Ready to start counting? Rock out 10 foot taps – same as we did with the shoulder taps. So if you’re new to planks, count each tap as 1. If you’re experienced, then a right and a left tap count as 1.

So to sum up … today’s challenge:
– 10 Plank foot taps
– Baseline high plank + 5 seconds
– Repeat twice.