Timing Is Everything If You Hope To Reverse Insulin Resistance

reverse insulin resistance

Studies on diabetes show that the sooner someone starts an advanced lifestyle program to reverse insulin resistance, the higher the chance they can achieve a full reversal.

The window however narrows very quickly and the difference in success rates from 2.7 years to 3.8 years after your initial diagnosis can make the difference between a full reversal and needing to manage it for the rest of your life.

The good news is if you already have any signs of insulin resistance, but are not at the diabetic stage yet, you can attain a full reversal.

When I say reversal, I am not talking about blood sugar numbers.

Yes, your blood sugar numbers will return to normal and even healthy levels with the right program and efforts, but that doesn’t mean you have reversed diabetes or changed the damage that has been done, or the problems that will come as a result of this damage.

  • I am talking about improving your hormonal profile and insulin function.
  • I am talking about the return of the cells that regulate insulin in your pancreas.
  • I am talking about eliminating the life-threatening fat in your liver.
  • I am talking about changing how your body responds to food.

If you have had diabetes for a number of years, there is still have a chance that you can reverse this disease. Although the success rate is definitely lower, it is however not impossible.

  • Signs of physiological reversal of the disease process that causes insulin resistance can be detected as soon as within 1 week.
  • Insulin responses can return to normal in 3 weeks.
  • Beta-cell mass regeneration can be detected in 8 weeks.
  • Your life can change dramatically in between 4 and 6 months.

You can change your destiny and future NOW if you decide to take action and either test to see where you are at, or commit to a program that will reverse insulin resistance.

Or you can ignore the issue, put off a program and then become one of the statistics later.

Oh, and did I mention that all of this is independent of calories and weight?

There will be weight loss as you continue to follow your new lifestyle, as weight gain and the inability to lose weight are both also insulin issues.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you are not overweight, this isn’t happening to you right now, but also don’t think that you have to lose body fat to recover from this.

Stop trying to make excuses! The choice is, as always, yours, and remember that not doing anything is also a choice!

Keep following me for more info on this process and in the meantime, even if you decide to do nothing else, at least join our free mini-course, “Getting Started With Insulin Friendly Living”.

You don’t have to progress any further.

We can do better!

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