It’s Time To Change Our Health Glasses

health glasses

In order not to go down the one-way street of chronic illness and disease it is not good enough to only change your route but you actually need a whole new map. It is time to change our health glasses and look from a different perspective.

Looking at the standard default statistics here in the United States, 88% of us and our children are on the route that will ultimately lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s dementia.

And along the way, the average lifespan is reduced by between 12 and 14 years with the end of your life spent in suffering and with the second from the worst quality of life scores. Only conventional cancer treatment leads to the worst quality of life score.

If we follow the standard guidelines, we will become sick and over diagnosed before the illness is managed. This will lead to gaining weight and losing mobility, daily chronic pain, and medications, and results in missing a generation’s graduations, weddings, and grandbabies while losing our sense of identity and memory. We will also leave this planet 12 to 14 years too early leaving nothing behind but piles of debt as we are bankrupted by the experience.

There you go, that’s the default model here and the most common health experience offered by our current health care system and cultural model.

That is all true IF you qualify for the current American health statistics.

Not everyone does.

You don’t have to either.

The default only offers such a clear and consistent future if you follow the social medical structure and standard of care, as well as the conventional lifestyle.

If you choose to live differently, you will create a different set of statistics and outcomes.

This end-of-life story has not always been our fate, and it doesn’t have to be now if we choose a different path.

Changing paths that still lead to the same destination really doesn’t offer us much. We need to write a new map.

How do you write that map when we all live in the same world and cultural environment?

You look through a different lens. When you put the traditional caloric and blood sugar lenses aside and start looking through hormone-centric insulin lenses, the landscape changes dramatically and as it does, your options change as well.

New options that will allow you to navigate your new map will allow you to think about all of this differently and this will lead to different decisions. Different decisions lead to doing things differently and that will disqualify you from qualifying for the standard American end-of-life experience.

An Insulin Friendly Living and lifestyle offers you this possibility.

You may not know exactly what the end result will be if you start Insulin Friendly Living, but we know exactly what will happen if we don’t.

We can do better!

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