If I say we can REVERSE HEART DISEASE, I will get attacked from all sides.

Even though we know how to prevent, stop the progression and REVERSE HEART DISEASE, and millions of people have done it, are doing it, and will continue doing it every day, I can’t say that without significant risk.

Dr. Don, if that is true, then why don’t doctors tell us that? Or worse, why would they say it’s not true?


The strategies I will outline later today have been reported worldwide to prevent, stop the progression, and reverse heart disease. Fact.

But, if you tell that truth, most people will immediately resist it. Especially the people dealing with it now and all those who know that they are at the highest risk of developing it.

Doc, that doesn’t make sense. Why would those that need it the most resist the very thing that could help them? 

If they didn’t resist, they might realize they missed opportunities and suffered needlessly for a long time, and now all that time is lost along with their hope.

People don’t want to feel that they caused themselves to get sick, that it might be their fault, or they could have prevented this problem.

Parents don’t want to think they made their kids sick or fat or played a big part in what ended up having a child on the spectrum.

What parent wants to admit they drugged their kids with toxic medications for problems they, through their parenting choices, could have caused in the first place? 

It’s so much easier to sleep at night if you believe your kids were victims, and this happened to them, or due to genetics or bad luck. So much easier!

Also, people don’t want to doubt the doctor, the government, or what Oprah said or dare admit they were wrong.

But that’s only half of the people who will resist. 

The other half is all the people right now who are fat, sick, in pain, taking multiple medications, on disability, or have a chronic disease that will resist because if they didn’t, they’d have to change their ways, significantly alter their lifestyle, and put in a lot more effort to get well, or face staying sick by choice. 

So, they instead believe it isn’t true. Rather than embrace the information and change, they attack anyone telling them there’s any other option than what they have.

That’s when the owners of their divine uniqueness show up and wait for it… it’s just a matter of time… type, type, type… wait.

Then they get internet drunk on the sweet taste of “how-dare-you-juice.”

They tap into the flow state of personal discussion-ending, get-out-of-jail-free card and flee with the statement, “I am different. You don’t know me or my body. That’s dangerous misinformation, and you are just anti-medicine!” 

I’m going to do it anyway.

I will keep telling people that our choices cause chronic diseases, how we live, eat, and move and reflect our health standards and lifestyle efforts like a mirror.

We humans are all identical with the same human DNA, and our bodies all have the same functions and mechanisms to heal and be healthy.

Our physiology works the same way in every person all over the world. Any differences you can see or detect are so minor they do not change the primal survival genetic potential for adaptation and survival.

Argue for your limitations, and they shall be yours.

Stop looking for reasons why things won’t work for you, why you need to do things differently, or can’t do what millions of people have done to heal the same core issues you ultimately have.

At the end of religiously following your plan for at least six months, take another look at your health, and if there are still issues, you will at least know they are real and not just because you were lazy or unwilling to do the basics you needed to do.

If you are not doing the fundamentals every day to heal and stay healthy, then all the hacks, alternatives, and even medical treatments will always fail.

Stay tuned for more strategies to reverse heart disease, type two diabetes, lose weight, and more.

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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