Fasting Does Not Give Your Body or Digestion A Break!

Doing a fast or a cleanse does not “rest” your system or body.

Your body kicks into high gear and starts to work HARDER while you fast.

The truth is that eating as often as most people do slows your body’s function, metabolism, and immune system and stresses the nervous system.

When you stop eating or fast, your body kicks into high gear, and your metabolism goes up, not down, and mental clarity improves, not clouded. 

This is because hormones like human growth hormone, testosterone, oxytocin, and adrenaline go measurably UP while fasting!

Blood sugar can even rise even though you are not eating, as it fuels your system for serious action.

Your fat-burning machinery starts to crank and slowly moves into use once again. 

Eventually, your blood sugar drops as your fat-burning produces high-octane ketones for high-performance organs like the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver.

In about 18 hours and over the first 3-4 days, your immune system goes into hyperdrive, “defrags” your entire body, and cleans up all sorts of debris from bacteria, viruses, and damaged protein bits as old or poorly functioning cells wake up and expire.

This stripping of the system impurities sets the stage for the next wave of new cell growth.

Your immune system starts the stem cell factory machinery rolling.

After about three days (I think five is better), it will produce a massive amount of new stem cells that will migrate all over the body and start to build new cells and tissues in the brain, heart, organs, skin, or wherever needed once eating again.

This process is so profound that researchers are saying that this can build you a brand new immune system from fresh, young, vital stem cells with proper fasting.

This immune response from fasting is so strong that cancer researchers are looking at how to use it to improve cancer treatments and outcomes, even in the most advanced and terminal cancer cases.

Part of the recycling system breaks down precancerous cells before they can cause issues, activating the body’s ability to use cancer cells for fuel and new raw materials.

So, is fasting dangerous? Only when you don’t do it!

Give it a try. 

And remember, it might take a few runs to get through a complete fasting cycle. It is like getting in shape at the gym. 

It takes a plan, time, regular practice/effort, and sometimes a professional trainer, but wildly worth it!

If you want info on how I use fasting rotations and protocols in my programs, shoot me a direct message to discuss.

I raise my glass of water to you here on day 20 of my water fast, my friends! Cheers!

We can do better!

Dr. Don