This very healthy cortisol surge causes some of the dramatic health improvements seen during the process.

Cortisol levels mean two very different things in the fasted and fed states. One is extremely beneficial, and the other is a sign of problems.

Cortisol is the most powerful anti-inflammatory that exists and is what drives the incredible anti-inflammatory effects during fasting.

Within days of an extended, multi-day fast, it is easy to see this effect in the eyes, skin, hair, and nails. Even teeth become whiter as the fast continues!

Before long, rings fit differently, double chins shrink, loose skin tightens, and ankle swelling decreases. Some people have skin tags and moles that dry up and fall off, while dark lines and creases in the skin fade away.

Vision and eye floaters have been reported to improve and stop, and blood pressure and sugar decrease.

Cortisol is mislabeled as the stress hormone when it is the anti-stress hormone.

Cortisol is the anti-inflammatory response to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that is produced through an unhealthy lifestyle, stressed metabolic systems, and chronic health variables.

Chronic life stress adds fuel to a challenging metabolic system, resulting in the body producing more cortisol to help manage it… cortisol doesn’t cause damage or stress. It is there to reduce its negative effects.

In the fed state, when insulin is constantly present, cortisol becomes a partner in crime as they play off each other and cause dysfunction all over the body.

High cortisol is healing when insulin is low (fasting), but it is problematic when it’s high.

Cortisol is a sign of metabolic stress but isn’t the cause. Hence, efforts to reduce cortisol are counter-effective and limit your ability to heal and manage your situation.

If you want to lower your cortisol levels, stop creating the need for it!

Heal the metabolic damage and maintain a healthy metabolic state once healed, and you will see cortisol decrease as the need for it is eliminated. 

Ongoing rotational extended fasting can do this.

Don’t fear cortisol or stress. Use it to your advantage and let it make you stronger!

We can do better!

Dr. Don


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