Would you like a calorie deficit without cutting calories or fasting?

Yes, that can happen, and it can burn over 10% more than your body requires daily.

How? By “wasting” metabolic energy.

The Insulin Friendly Living eating style promotes nutritional ketogenesis, ketosis, ketone utilization, and ketone “liberation.”

Ketones have the same energetic value as glucose or protein, which is four calories on paper.

Once you have maintained the eating strategies necessary for enough time to make ketones, raise ketones in your blood, and efficiently use ketones, you then liberate ketones from the body in your breath and urine.

Depending on one’s metabolic flexibility and health, several hundred calories can be liberated from the body above the daily energy requirement via liberating ketones.

This means your body liberates calories from your body beyond your daily calorie requirements. Calories gone!

AKA – Calorie deficit without cutting calories.

This can’t happen by burning sugar and making glucose.

Ketones are made when fat is burned.

Insulin decides whether fat is burned or stored, whether ketones are made, and to what degree.

If insulin is elevated, fat will not be burned but stored, and ketones will not be elevated, used, or liberated.

This is one of the reasons why relying on calorie counting is pointless and is always 100% inaccurate.

Insulin is stimulated independently of calorie count.

Insulin can be stimulated independently of carb count.

You don’t need to count calories or carbs when you understand how insulin is stimulated. 

But that’s only half the fat-burning and health-promoting insulin equation.

Learning what behaviors, “how” we eat, when, and what combination, frequency, and cooking methods magnify insulin secretion would be best. 

AKA – The 10 Hidden Insulin Magnifiers of Behavioral Nutrition.

Insulin Friendly Living.

We can do better!

Dr. Don