Is Cancer Genetic?

It appears……not.

is cancer genetic

When you transplant healthy genes into a cancer cell it still produces more cancer cells when it divides. AND if you take cancer genes and put them into a healthy cell that cell still produces more healthy cells when it divides.

If cancer was purely genetic, as in our DNA housed in the nucleus of each cell when you remove the nucleus and transplant it into another cell then the new cells that get replicated from that cell with the cancer genes should have cancer as well if cancer is genetic. But, as it turns out, THEY DON’T.

In the medical research textbook, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease,” the 3 plus decades of collective cancer research lead by Thomas Seyfried, the book’s author, shows that cancer is not a genetic disease but rather a metabolic disease.

Now, are their genetics at play that make one more susceptible to cancer, I would say yes. Are there genetic variants that affect our metabolic pathway that plays into cancer, yes? But is cancer a purely genetic disease, it seems not.

This should be very exciting! This means no one, no matter what gene they might have, even if that gene is believed to cause cancer, is determined to get cancer.

What this means is that the environment and how we live our life and our lifestyle is what is the driving force behind the development of cancer and how our genes respond. AND this is something we can change, improve, and effect. We not only have a say in this, but we have a very high level of control.

If cancer truly is a metabolic disease, and I believe it is, and this research does too, then how we chose to fuel and care for our body becomes extremely important.

The basic, fundamental first-tier step is deciding to become a fat burner rather than a sugar burner. That is the fundamental summary concept. You influence this by what you eat when you eat, and how you move. As you do this you need to keep a healthy balance of your body’s coordination systems so it can play nice and be as strong and effective as possible. The body’s communication system primarily breaks down into 2 sides:

Nervous System and the Hormonal System

So, here is the focus:

  1. Become a fat burner over a sugar burner
  2. Keep your Nervous system tuned up and in a proper healthy repairing tone
  3. Be hormone focused and stay hormonally sensitive

Everything I post here and write about is trying to drive that 3 points above. Go back, check them out and keep learning, when you do, share what you have learned with me, please!

Health is Freedom!

Dr. Don