Your Body Is More Powerful Than the Sun

When I say that your body is literally, vastly more powerful than the sun, I know that you will likely find this very difficult to believe. We are after all talking about a mere human and not some comic book superhero. It is however true – let me explain.

Gram for gram, the little energy producers within each of the cells of our bodies pump out 10 times more energy than the sun itself.

The microscopic little mitochondria within each of your cells make up about 10% of your body weight. These organisms produce an amazing, incredible amount of energy all the time – every second of every day.

Our bodies essentially have the capacity to produce the unlimited energy required to do just about anything you need for your body and in life. This includes repairing damaged organs, growing new brain cells, completely replacing your immune system or digestive lining, and renewing inefficient and old tissues.

The only thing on the entire planet that are more powerful are a few bacteria, and these actually give us our own mitochondria as well as all life on earth. These tiny little “germs” have lived on every inch of the planet for billions of years, and will still be around long after we are gone. Just as they have the infinite potential to thrive, change, diversify, and create new things, so do we.

Harness this power, my friends. Know that it is already sitting within you and is simply waiting for you to put it to good use. This potential can change your body, mind, health, and longevity, as well as your appearance and emotions.

I find tremendous strength and hope in this idea. We can change anything and there is no shortage of what we need to accomplish it. We do however have to take action, so make a plan, get to work, and make it happen.

Don’t waste your time wishing for an easier or better life, but work daily so that you can grow stronger and become able to not only handle what you need in the life you have but also to make it great.

Superman, Spiderman, and all their cronies have nothing on us, my friends.

I know that it is easy to become our own kryptonite at times, but if we harness and magnify this power greater than the sun in our life and body, then nothing will be able to stand in our way or hold us back.

We can do better! I can do better!

Be well my friends, and thanks for being there.