The Last 10 to 20 Lbs and Going Where You Have Never Gone Before

When it seems as if there are no other hormonal issues that need to be addressed first, losing that big number weight loss becomes very attainable. Losing that last 10 to 20 lbs. is however a whole different story.

Let me first of all be very clear – health comes first. It is entirely possible to be overweight and healthy, just as one can be at your normal weight and sick. The main priority is that you have to get your hormonal profile into a healthy range. Chasing weight loss while ignoring your health is foolish and will ultimately backfire every single time.

Having said that, the key question becomes how can you get that last 20 lbs. off once you’re healthy?

Well, that depends. I have found it is easier to get there (not necessarily easy, but easier) if you have been there before. For example, I am 6’4″ and weigh 215 lbs. I graduated high school at 245 lbs., not very youthfully thin. I have gotten down to 205 lbs. before, with work, but have never managed to live under 200 lbs. as an adult.

So for me, to get there I have to go somewhere metabolically that I have never been before. That is much more difficult, whereas staying at 215 lbs. is not really that challenging.

This is one of the big secrets of exercise makeover programs. They take someone who was for example athletic and fit in college and has now gotten fat 10 to 15 years later and they bring them back to being fit, i.e. somewhere they have been before. If you however take an overweight person who has never been fit and has them lose weight and tone up to the same level, that is much more difficult.

Can this be done? Yes it can, but it is simply a different ball game, that’s all.

What I believe has to happen is that you have to shift your metabolism to a new pattern or pathway, and then hold it there for a long enough period so that you build up the metabolic “fitness” so that you are able to either stay there or come in and out of it easily. This mainly means that you need to go from being a sugar burner to becoming a fat burner, while also becoming fat adaptive.

When people lose weight without changing their metabolic profile, this is when we see rebound weight gain. They go right back to the weight they were at before they started their diet program, and then come to believe that diet and exercise don’t work.

So, how do you go to the place you want to be metabolic? This can be very different for every individual. The first step is always to heal any older issues in the gut, hormones, liver, brain, and so forth. This is a crucial starting point. This is where advanced programs and options such as rotational fasting, and structured eating and diets come in, as do advanced supplement protocols.

So, the first step is to get healthy. The second step if you want to redefine yourself metabolically is to get ready for a long-term plan, and to then follow it!

If you however manage to lose weight but do not improve your metabolic fitness and change your metabolic profile, the chances are very high that you will gain the weight again and get all the ill health issues back. You will also be increasing your risk of getting major chronic diseases.

You can do it!

Here’s to going where we have never been before!

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