National Archives, 1948 issue of American Dental Association

Have you ever wondered why the government puts fluoride into all Municipal Water and recommends fluoridation across the board?

The original government study that was the final tipping to support the decision to go forward with a nationwide water fluoridation campaign and soon after led to today’s almost universal use of fluoride in water found a 60% decrease in cavities in the population with fluoride versus a population without the added fluoride in the water.

This dramatic finding of a 60% decrease in cavities was thrown around repeatedly and put into print and distributed in focus reports and media nationwide.

It is hard to argue with the concept of a 60% reduction in cavities simply by adding fluoride to our drinking water. At the time, no other studies looked at these specific factors to contradict or show any danger in adding fluoride to drinking water. This left the entire decision based on this one study and this apparent reduction in cavities they found from fluoridation.

In a later review of the study data, it was discovered that the report didn’t mention that the population that was studied who saw this dramatic reduction in cavities at a rate of 60% compared to the general population was extremely high in subjects without teeth.

The Fluoridated population that saw a 60% reduction in cavities compared to the general population had 60% fewer teeth! 

Did you read that? 60% fewer teeth meant that the same population had 60% fewer cavities but comparing tooth to tooth showed no change at all in the number of cavities.

They simply found 60% fewer cavities because the population had 60% fewer teeth.

 And you wonder why people don’t trust the government.

If that’s not bad enough, further study showed that this fluoridated population and practice of fluoridating water showed an increase in dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis brings a higher negative health impact than cavities ever could.

The data showed that dental fluorosis led to fractures as well as an increased rate of osteoporosis, increased muscular fluorosis leading to widespread pain and arthritic changes, a 25% increase in tumor growth and a 10% increase in overall cancer cases, and increases in neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, LS, and more.

The most prominent finding to me was that fluoridation also caused a decrease in IQ. 

The study goes on and shows more detrimental effects, but I think you get the picture.

It is absolutely crucial that you become your own steward of health information and become a health advocate for yourself and the ones you love.

We are going through a massive application of a therapy that has never been tested on various populations, has no long-term safety or placebo-controlled studies, and is being used to prevent something it wasn’t designed or approved for and has yet been shown to work. 

I challenge anybody to find an accurate number of fatalities due to the current health scare that occurred outside of hospitals or medical institutions. one would think that such a powerful and dangerous element in our society, putting every population at every age at risk, would have a significant number of people dying outside of the hospital as well as in the hospital.  

Good luck finding anything on what should be a very large number of deaths if the danger is real enough to require a supposedly protective experimental therapy to be forced on every man, woman, and child and result in the shut down of our entire country. Yet, no such numbers are ever reported, nor can be found.

At some point, we will all look back on these unprecedented times of fear and control. I wonder what time and the collection of real data will tell us. In the meantime, I do not trust anything that the official narrative is reporting one single bit and I haven’t since the day they tried to tell us that the flu has been reduced by 99% with no effort or campaigning to make a change while another mysterious entity started killing people at the same rate usually seen by the flu.

 Those are numbers you can look up right now.

You are ultimately responsible for your health, the health of your children, and believe it or not the health of your community through your overall level of health education.

Act accordingly.

We can do better!


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