What type of food can speed up the progression of prediabetes to full type 2 diabetes by 1,000 to 2,000%?

fattening food

This specific food can speed the progression of diabetes from 7-10 years to 6 months.

Most people eat this food regularly and give it to their kids as a “healthy” snack.

Most people agree it is a “healthy food choice and harmless.”

The government guidelines and doctors recommend eating some of this food daily.

Still don’t know?


Yes, that’s right, I said fruit. Just eating the recommended daily allowance according to our government guidelines of 4 servings of fruit can cause the progression from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes and in six months, cause people to become obese, as well as escalating fatty liver, and cause a significant decline in metabolic health.

This is where every parent who gives their kids fruit or enjoys them themselves or had fruit when they grew up wants to debate how natural fruit is natural, how extreme all my recommendations are, and there’s nothing they can eat anymore.

 We all know that we have our emotional ties to different foods and behaviors, and if we can separate those and look at this from an objective point of view, you will see what I see, and we can talk about this.

 If you want to make me wrong because you like fruit or don’t want to stop giving your kids fruit or soda, scroll on. I don’t need this, and you will not add any value to the discussion because once an emotional decision is made, there is nothing to be gained by you or anyone you speak to.

As a parent, we have to be ready to make some choices. We want our kids to make good choices, so we have to show them how it’s done by not giving them food that will set them up for a lifetime of ill-health. 

If a person develops type 2 diabetes or other metabolic issues in their mid-to-late twenties or even early thirties, that problem started when they were under their parent’s watch. Those habits were learned at home. Just because they grow up and move out doesn’t mean leaving all the damage that could have been done from their childhood and their parent’s decisions behind.

To be clear, I’m not calling anybody a bad parent or that you intentionally tried to hurt your child who’s now grown up and becomes metabolically sick with diabetes or other chronic health issues. I am just trying to point out what happens so we can all look at it and learn and do better.

People joke about the emotional scars that our parents pass on to us, but this is something that can be measured and seen. The boom in type 2 diabetes in our country started in childhood and falls into the lap and responsibilities of the parents.

 It’s a harsh reality, but I hope it’s taken as I took it as a way to help get me focused and step up my game for those that rely on me. At the end of the day, when we know better, we can do better.

And the one thing I do know is, we can do better!

Dr. Don