What caused the development obesity and Type 2 diabetes in 6 months?

Answer? Fruit. The recommended intake of fruit each day.

Fructose, the sugar in fruit, is the number one contributor to our modern-day health crisis.

Following the recommended allowance of the United States government, American heart disease, American Diabetes Association, and the NIH of fruit each day caused the following:

  • Obesity (gaining 5.7 points on BMI)
  • Diabetes
  • Worsening fatty liver 
  • raised LDL
  • Worsening metabolic syndrome 
  • Tripled insulin resistance scores
  • A 5.7 increase in BMI for a 179 lb man standing 5’9” is about 33 lbs. In 6 months, just from eating the recommended daily allowance of fruit.

Statistically, that 33 lb and the increase in all the negative biomarkers took the participants from high-end normal weight to obesity and prediabetes right into type 2 diabetes and made their fatty liver worse in all measures in those six months.

Before all the lazy parents convince me that fruit is natural and justify giving it to their children and eating it themselves, you can relax because I’m not telling anybody what to do.

This is just information, and I think someone should know what they’re consuming and possibly poisoning their kids with. Do with the information what you may, and I shall go as well.

There’s a good reason for these negative changes in fruit intake. It’s actually 100% natural and not a disease at all. At first.

Insulin resistance that leads to metabolic syndrome and then diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more is an intelligent process. It’s a way of storing quick energy as fat rather than slower burning energy in body fat.

Think of glucose as cash in your wallet and body fat as your savings account. Cash is easy to spend almost everywhere, where you must take a few more steps to get your money out of the bank from your savings account. Liver fat and visceral fat are between, like a hundred-dollar bill that is cash, but it’s hard to break in some venues, a cab, or something like that.

We quickly store liver and visceral fat with the right stimulus, namely fructose preparation for action. Bears get metabolic syndrome preparing to hibernate, birds get metabolic syndrome preparing for migration, and fish get metabolic syndrome preparing to go dormant for a season.

The difference with modern-day humans is that we get metabolic syndrome preparing for fasting for the winter, and we never fast or do anything with it. It stays there chronically, causing more and more metabolic issues until it rots us from the inside out. 

We are programmed to put on fat from eating fructose. First, we store it as organ and visceral rather than body fat. Eating fructose turns down our ability to feel full from a meal, and it turns up our hunger sensation hormones. When you’re hungry and can eat without feeling full, it almost always leads to overeating and eventually weight gain.

Fructose doesn’t stimulate insulin which would store body fat so that it can be metabolized and deposited in the liver.

Only the liver metabolizes and stores fructose as fat, so when we consume a lot of it, almost all of it will go towards the fat rather than be used for energy.

The fructose pathway is what alcohol uses for metabolism, leading to fatty liver and what they now call non-alcoholic fatty liver, the number one liver condition in the world. Alcohol and fructose are the same in the body metabolically, except one get a buzz.

If you’re concerned about giving your kids alcohol, you should be equally as worried as giving them juice, soda, or anything with fructose because, as I said, it’s the same.

The good news is that the visceral and liver fat burns off quickly, and you can spot lose that fat where you can’t with the fat on your belly or thighs with fasting and intensity workouts.

So in one sense, we don’t feast too much; we famine too little, resulting in a metabolic breakdown.

In today’s world, there’s no way around it. Fructose is toxic and drives metabolic and chronic disease no matter how you look at it.

Now you have a choice for yourself, but your kids don’t, so you get to make the choice that will determine their metabolic health future. Choose Wisely.

We can do better! 

Dr. Don

Reference Study:

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keto vegetable oils
meal frequency