Double Your Benefits With Two Fasts Per Day!

How’s that possible? What do you think? 

First, if you count the hours you’re not eating, you are not truly fasting.

You are delaying eating, eating in an eating window, and working up to a true fast.

That’s a good start, but true fasting counts full days, not hours.

So, no, you can’t truly fast twice a day. Still, twice daily, you can activate the healing fasting metabolism and autophagy, the recycling and repair system, and reap many benefits. 

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

After ending my extended fast (day 19 of proposed 30,) my body and system will be extremely hormonally sensitive and metabolically efficient. 

I will be deep into the fasted state, and autophagy will have been at its max for weeks. I want the metabolic goods times to keep rolling. 

So, here’s my plan:

Finish my first high-protein and fat meal by 5:30 am.

Finish my second meal (protein & fat) by 3:00 pm.

This eating schedule will allow me 8.5 hours without food between meals and 14 hours from the second meal to the next day’s first meal.

Once the metabolic engine and flexibility are strong, the body can dip into the recycling, healing state of autophagy in a number of hours and definitely in the time I’m allowing between my meals and overnight.

That’s what I mean by achieving two “fasted states” daily.

I will not be counting calories. I will not need as many calories as people proclaim for my basal metabolic rate to maintain my muscle.

When the body is highly efficient at recycling, it will maintain, reuse, recycle, and rebuild much of what it needs with less outside raw materials from eating.

I know all the calorie people, the protein-per-pound-of-body-weight people, and the vitamin-supplements people will go crazy over that statement (but we know better than calories in/calories out; it’s not that simple!). That’s ok.

I predict I will continue losing body fat, healing, detoxing, and rebuilding my body with stem cells. 

I anticipate continued deep and powerful sleep and high daily and workout energy levels.

I am also following a muscle rebuild (anabolic surge) program. 

With new mitochondria and higher-quality materials in my diet, I predict I will regain my muscle volume and strength above my starting point.

Stamina generally increases during the deep fast state and will continue throughout my post-fast life and workouts.

This is my personal plan for where I am at with my experience.

This is not a recommendation for anyone else (I’ve worked my way up to this point for a long time) or a statement that it’s the only way or anyone has to do this.

Commenters, please don’t simply list all the reasons you are different, why this doesn’t apply to you, or why you could never do it. I understand if you believe those excuses or don’t agree with any of this, but those will not get you far here. 

I invite anyone looking to improve and better themselves by trying new things and doing things differently to comment and engage in dialogue. 

We can do better!

Dr. Don