The Tools That Will Change With The Skill And Experience Of The Craftsperson

Throughout life, our skills tend to improve quickly if we put the effort in. It is however also true that the strategies that helped us to get to where we are today will not be enough to take us to the next level to where we want to go in the future.

Laying a solid foundation is absolutely essential but the way in which you do so will be very different from when you start building a sustainable structure. Once you start the finishing work done at the end of the job that brings it all together, the way in which you do this will be totally different once again.

As you grow confident in your current set of tools and your ability to wield them, you will need to continue to upgrade your guidance system and realign your sights on what you are working towards.

Big changes and struggles start evolving into smaller details and consistency, and the emphasis soon shifts to efficiency and fine-tuning.

In today’s modern environment, you need to keep upgrading your strategy and actions to regain or improve your health.

In this Mini-Course discussion, we will go through some of the nuances that change along the way and the details and small pivots that can make the difference between continued success and a stall along the way. This could be the difference between healing and sickness, between a full energetic quality of life and a painful shortened time along the way.

Using a finishing tool while working in demolition to lay your foundation will not serve you well, but knowing that one day you will use it and, more importantly, the difference between the two is a game-changer.

Come join in the discussion, it is open to all.

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