Thanksgiving Is Just About 8 Weeks Away!

healthy Thanksgiving

How will you be rolling up to the turkey this year? Will you have a healthy Thanksgiving? How about the holidays and New Year?

Every day starts a new year and provides a new opportunity to get realigned with your values and goals for both your and your family’s health.

Now is the time to make those New Year’s resolutions or have a healthy Thanksgiving.

6 weeks is all you need to change the balance of your health possibilities.

6 weeks is enough:

To change a cholesterol number

To get into functional shape

To lose as much as 15 to 20 pounds

To lower blood sugar significantly

To reduce your waistline by up to 2 inches or even more

To decrease your blood pressure

To sleep dramatically better

To increase your energy levels

To improve your mental focus

To gain confidence for the new year

To feel prepared for the winter months

To fend off all the big bad bugs that are always going around

To calm noisy hormones

To reduce body inflammation

To heal a cranky gut

To look 5 years younger

To gain freedom of hunger

What can you do to achieve all of this?

Improve your Insulin Function and reduce your insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is such a central metabolic problem that all of the issues above grow from the imbalances it creates.

You don’t need to chase all of those issues separately, or even one at a time.

Reverse the process that causes insulin resistance and all the issues listed will start to improve. Some will even disappear completely.

And it doesn’t have to take as long as you might think or have been told.

6 weeks is all you need to feel the improvement and to see it, both physically and on testing.

Why do you want to wait?

Give yourself a gift early this year and arrive at all those holiday parties and events as a new and healthier you!

Whatever your plan, act on it. Don’t wait. D+ starts today, not tomorrow.

Let me know if I can help or even if you just need cheering on.

We have some free starting points and options available for you if you need a place to start. Join our group, the free mini course, check out the info and all the workouts and assets we have there, and make your plan.

Then start your plan. Follow your plan and stick to it and we will both see a vastly improved you by Christmas!

We can do better!

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