The No. 1 Medication in History Makes People Sick

Wake up! This is the best they got, people!

If they can pull this con worth over a trillion dollars on millions of people daily, what makes you think the other six medications you take daily are any better?

Remember, this drug offers no benefits to half our population but is prescribed to women anyway, and they take it. How do you feel now? Safe or sorry?

statin drug

High cholesterol is a sign that YOU are at risk. The cholesterol is not the risk.

That’s why when you force your high cholesterol down with a drug, supplement, treatment, or magic herb, you do not prevent heart attacks, heart disease, or anything that comes with it.

The cholesterol wasn’t the problem and isn’t the solution now that you artificially lowered it. You are still sick and facing the same health dangers as before.

And my diabetic friends our there, I am sorry to say, but the same is true about the blood sugar that you “manage” with medications or anything else. You are still sick too.

Do I have any blood pressure suppressors out there? Guess what? Same for you.

You can work to reduce risk factors all you want, and you can even succeed in quitting smoking, cutting back drinking significantly, losing weight, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, yet if you do not change how you are living, it won’t change your odds that you had before. You will still be at risk, you.

What? Don’t believe me? Look up the M.R.F.I.T. trial

It stands for the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial, a randomized primary prevention trial to test the effect of a multifactor intervention program on mortality from coronary heart disease.

12,866 Men aged 35-57 were randomly assigned to either an intervention program to receive help with high blood pressure, quitting smoking, dietary advice to lower cholesterol, or they just kept doing the same old thing they were doing.

Seven years later, when they had their follow-up, both groups had reduced risk factors, but the men in the intervention group did better. No surprise.

The men who worked with the professionals and received the medical treatment and risk reduction program did not see additional health benefits or prevention for heart disease than those who didn’t.

No statistical difference. 

No prevention of heart attacks, no less dying from heart disease, and no reduction in deaths overall.

But they did reduce those pesky risk factors just like millions of people do daily on statins that, in return, have been shown to cause insulin resistance and raise the risk of developing diabetes by up to 750%! Which raises the risk of what? Heart disease!

Risk factors indicate a person is at risk. They are signs and symptoms of an unhealthy body.

There’s no middle ground, people are either healthy or sick. 

The body is waiting and eager to heal and get healthy when sick. It’s us, the one in the driver’s seat, who holds our healing back and who makes excuses why we can’t.

The body needs no help, just no interference to heal and return to a healthy state. We must get out of its way and let it do its thing by doing the basic requirements for living on this planet. 

No hacks, cheating, excuses, magic pills, powders, or potions will do this for you. 

Start here and don’t so or look for anything else until you have this down consistently for at least four months.

  1. Create a 6-month plan, schedule your days in 30-minute intervals or less, program all of the following into your calendar, and make a checklist to keep up with it daily.
  2. Clear out your bedroom, create a sleep sanctuary without clutter or electronics, set your thermostat to 67 degrees, and block all the light you can.
  3. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you reasonably need to, get up each morning no matter what, set a 30-minute device free time before bed, and prioritize sleep.
  4. Eat three meals a day of only whole natural foods and nothing processed. Three meals, no snacking, but three means three. Flavored energy drinks, coffees, and sweetened waters go with meals if they can’t be eliminated.
  5. Stop eating by 7 pm, drink 3 liters of water daily, cut your coffee intake in half, or switch to green tea.
  6. Take two weeks to adapt to your schedule, then eat your biggest meal for breakfast, medium for lunch, and smallest for dinner, and always eat your protein or vegetable, if you have one, first at each meal. Never start with a simple carb, sugar, or starch.
  7. Exercise every day and break a sweat. If you can’t do a full workout, get two half workouts. After one month of working out, switch to working out every morning before you eat breakfast and keep that up for a year.
  8. Take a walk after every meal and fit two more for 5-10 minutes without sunglasses, headphones, or earbuds—no talking on the phone or hands in your pockets. 
  9. Plan two times a day to sit quietly and practice some paced slow breathing 7 seconds in and out, box breathing, or sigh breathing. (look it up, don’t ask me) Pause before meaningful conversations, set your intention, and reframe any opposing thoughts or judgments to something positive that motivates you. (Look up reframing)
  10. End every morning shower with 2 minutes of cold water to the point it takes your breath away and makes you uncomfortable. Let your body cool down naturally after your workouts before you shower and right after.

After two months of doing this, consistently find a chiropractor and a massage therapist, take care of your body, and thank it for sticking with you.

In month three, you turn up the intensity, tighten your ship, and fill in the gaps you tolerated. Take it up a level for the next four weeks, be strict, be on time, and don’t skip anything. 

At the end of the third month, come back to my page, and if you haven’t already, tell me how you’re doing, and if you see someone else doing the same, write an encouraging reply to support them.

If you think it’s too much or too hard, you are sick, and doubt or lack of motivation is a symptom. 

In three months, when your whole life and body have started to change, and you want to take it to another level with fasting and advanced metabolic concepts, let me know, and we will rock this! 

If you disagree or don’t like my tone or have your own gig… save it and scroll on. Don’t distract me or the people who need this. I need this. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you in 3 months!

We can do better!

Dr. Don