Results are clear regarding Cholesterol, heart disease, and statin drugs and the prevention of heart disease and attacks.

The data is considerable and very consistent and compelling with extensive and prolific conclusions from around the globe.

After decades of use, hundreds of studies, millions of dollars spent, and tens of millions of people using this medical intervention, the research is clear and indicates:

Statin medications used to lower cholesterol and specifically to prevent heart attacks, heart disease, and overall cardiovascular deaths, have been shown to accomplish one benefit consistently.

Statin medications lower LDL cholesterol levels.

The evidence made clear the following:

Statins do not prevent heart attacks, heart disease, cardiac deaths, or reduce deaths overall.

statin drugs

Statins cause significant side effects, and an increase in all cause mortality/death rates compared to the control/placebo groups in both short and long term studies was repeatedly shown.

Lower LDL cholesterol by statin use did not reduce heart attacks or heart disease, cardiac deaths or overall deaths, and showed no correlation to the degree statins lower LDL numbers to any degree of positive outcomes.

What this means is:

High LDL levels do not cause heart disease or heart attacks.

Reducing high LDL levels with statins does not prevent heart disease, attacks, cardiac or all cause mortality/deaths.

Taking statins represents an increased risk of all cause mortality/death.

Statins cause serious side effects throughout the course of treatment and after, as well as increased risk of developing cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s dementia, memory loss and cognitive decline.

Statins failed and can only be considered a dangerous drug without benefit, specifically showing no benefit or prevention for women.

Statins are still routinely prescribed to women by doctors, recommended to women by medical agencies and organizations, and endorsed and promoted by hundreds of medical product and testing companies to women.

I am making a 12-part video series about cholesterol from the first observation in medicine to the early trials and consequent guidelines. 

I’ll review what cholesterol is, where it comes from, why, cholesterol’s role in plaque and heart disease, what does causes them, a research review, and what has been clinically proven to help and reverse these conditions.

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