Cholesterol medication does not prevent heart attacks or deaths, and here’s why.

cholesterol medication

High cholesterol levels are correlated with an increased risk of heart disease. Yes.

Lowering cholesterol levels with medication, supplements, or a natural remedy does not reduce the increased risk of heart disease correlated with high cholesterol.

Why? Because elevated cholesterol isn’t what increases the risk of heart disease.

Elevated cholesterol just correlates with a higher risk of heart disease. 

So does obesity, smoking, aging, being sedentary, drinking alcohol, recreational drugs, and sex.

The behaviors that increase the risk of heart attack also elevate cholesterol levels. 

Elevated cholesterol and heart attacks are both symptoms of the same cause.

Elevated cholesterol is a sign that someone is at a higher risk of a heart attack. The elevated cholesterol is not the risk itself.

The other items on the list that correlate to increased risk of heart attacks are not the risks themselves. 

The person who experiences them is the risk. 

The individual is the risk to themselves, and as they continue a lifestyle that results in having those risk factors present, they, the person, are at higher risk of having a heart attack as a result. 

The heart attack is not due to the risk factors they have.

What is termed “risk factors” do not elevate the risk of heart attacks but are also present in someone who has a heart attack sooner than someone who doesn’t have them.

The medical position that proposes reducing the signs that someone has a lifestyle that increases the risk of a heart attack can somehow reduce that risk without addressing the lifestyle, as the cause is killing people by the millions.

This is why lowering cholesterol levels without changing behaviors or the lifestyle that caused them to rise in the first place will not save anyone from a heart attack or early death, and the data confirm it.

Why would anyone take medication to lower a risk factor that doesn’t change any risk?

Lowering cholesterol doesn’t prevent heart attacks or death nor reduces the elevated risk it represents.

Cholesterol medication will lower cholesterol at a significant cost. Taking a synthetic drug that alters your metabolism and causes secondary damage for the rest of your life without any benefit is insane. Sorry, it is.

Reread this post. 

Give it to someone hurting themselves unknowingly. 

Be patient with them or yourself. Take control of your health. Let me know how I can help, or message me to get a health program started.

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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