Menopause Severity is Built Upon Years of Insulin Resistance

menopause symptoms

Hormone Replacement Therapy will not address the foundational hormonal disruption that menopause severity has accumulated through years of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and simmering cardiometabolic disease.

Severe PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, and severe menopause symptoms are chronic problems from insulin resistance, and nobody wants to admit it despite significant evidence, research, and clinical data because insulin resistance is a lifestyle-driven condition.

The medical profession is well aware of the progression in women over their reproductive life into and after menopause leading to cardiometabolic disease, and they are publishing more and more data that clearly shows how this all begins with insulin resistance. 

The medical angle is focused on heart disease and diabetes because of their diagnostic and symptom treatment model, leaving decades of women’s life ignored when we can and could have identified insulin resistance before it got so far.

Before I go on, you can use your last blood test results to see if you show signs of insulin resistance right now. You can use a Triglyceride-Glucose Index calculator online with a simple search if you have your fasting triglyceride and blood sugar numbers.

Triglyceride-Glucose Index. If you haven’t heard about it, look into it today and use the app above.

Here are some other ways to know if you are insulin resistant:

  • Low Vitamin D (<50, <30 = advanced)
  • Triglycerides over 100
  • Blood sugar over 87
  • Waist circumference in women of >35 inches
  • Waist circumference for men of >40 inches

Any is one of those, and you have to assume you have insulin resistance and need to make some changes to stop the progression and more changes to reverse the issue metabolically.

With less than 12% of Americans who qualify as metabolically healthy, you’re not alone if you find out you have an issue. But don’t think that since so many people are metabolically sick and in the same boat, it’s not a big deal because it is. 

The research even points to the yo-yo dieting model, eating a daily low-calorie, low-fat, minimal saturated-fat diet as the catalyst in the problem.

Programs that count points, blocks, use cards, and premade food are part of the reason for the tidal wave of women coming to premenopause and menopause age or sooner with severe symptoms. 

Daily low-calorie diets, low fat, or counting calories, fat, or carbs, is a recipe for dieting disaster, pun intended. There is a better way.

But overall, yes, Americans are eating too much, and what’s worse, too often, too late, in poor macro combinations, eat too much-processed food, sugary drinks, sugar, and too many vegetable oils. 

We don’t exercise enough, walk, sit too much, and almost no one fasts on a regular schedule and calendar, and sleep is like a hazy dream of the past. Every one of these components is required to be healthy in today’s culture and society. 

Men and women are heavier than ever in history, with the average woman weighing 170 lbs. and 5’4” tall, making her 38 lbs overweight, with the average man being 200 lbs and 5’9” and 24 lbs overweight. And that’s using the high end of the healthy range for both.

Carrying 24-38 lbs of extra body fat for years is enough to cause insulin resistance, start the hormonal cascade of dysfunction, and erode one’s health.

In the graphic I use for this post, weight gain is the first symptom of insulin resistance and progresses as the tower of stress and hormone confusion continues to pile on the foundation that insulin resistance made possible until it leads her to menopause with severe symptoms and misery. 

The question is, are women prepared to hear this warning before the infrastructure of health problems has begun, and are women who are in the middle of it willing to do anything required to turn it around. 

Or get on hormone replacement therapy and hope for the best? 

Women and men aren’t much better and will hear it as well about TRT, but for now, I hope you hear my message and let me know if I can be of any service. 

Either way, join “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets” and message me if you need a program and plan sooner vs later. 

We can do better!

Dr. Don