Eating an acid-based diet promotes body alkalinity and vice versa.

acid-based diet

The body has an incredibly predictable self-righting mechanism.

This innate counter-regulating body response will always elicit the opposite reaction to whatever we try and force it to do.

Eat acid-based foods, and the body will counter with alkalinity, and if you eat alkaline, the response is to promote acidity.

Enhance mood with alcohol, and the body will respond with four days of just below baseline mood.

Take a stimulant, and the body’s energy will shift to lower energy below where energy was before the stimulant for some time. 

Try to “detox” yourself with a product; the natural detox mechanisms will respond with less efficient detoxification.

Force the body to burn fat with a fat-burning cardio exercise, and when done, the body shifts to increased sugar burning.

When hungry, when one hyper-stimulates hormones with sugar or processed foods, they will rebound and cause increased hunger.

Deprive the body of nutrients (aka fast), and it will turn to recycle and rebound with increased efficiency and repair.

Overfeeding the body and it will become less efficient, stop recycling, break down body tissue, and produce excess waste and debris.

Try to stimulate the immune system, and the body will counter with a decreased specific immune response.

Restrict daily food intake; the body will lower energetic output to match and slow or stop weight loss.

What’s the solution when you desire to improve or change something about your body or health?

Can you run the body better than its ancient operating system? 

No, you can’t.

The body needs no help, just no interference.

Stop hindering the body from doing what it is designed to do to heal, grow, and be healthy.

The goal is optimal effectiveness, efficiency, and function. Optimal, not enhanced, not bio-hacked, not helped. Optimal function.

If you don’t like how the body functions, change the environment to which it responds to a healthier one—namely diet, physical activity, sleep, mental perspective, and time without food.

After that, it is all about consistency over time and the ability to course-correct and improve when indicated.

We can do better!

Dr. Don