Your Genes Do Not Control Your Destiny!

The human genetic code, the mysteriously intertwined strands of protein that make up our DNA code and build the entire 70,000,000,000,000 cells of our body from 2 half cells.

Those half-two cells become our unique yet nearly identical bodies, and their incredible accomplishments can’t guarantee your health or determine your future. In all that magic in our genes, they still can’t self-express, self-replicate, mutate, give us cancer, make us sick, or guarantee health.

Our DNA is like a complete set of encyclopedias, filled with information in those books and pages that tell us about our past and the world around us. They can show us how to construct a home, build a campfire, and even tell us how to be safe and who we love. If we listen, that is.

These volumes are loaded with potential fun projects and devices that can make life easier or more complicated; they are filled with details on starting a new life or taking one. With a well-selected page and volume, there is very little we can’t learn or do.

Yet these books can’t do anything by themselves.

They cannot open themselves, select particular pages, they can’t buy the materials needed to build a house, and these books don’t interpret blueprints or hammer the first nail. 

This endless information about the world and our role in it alone won’t lead us to riches, turn us to violence, or make us live any specific way. We hold all the details to do just about anything, but these books will not do anything themselves.

Here is where you come in.

As the owner of these books, they need you to take action.  You must first have an idea about what you want to learn or do, then pick the appropriate text, find the right chapter, read the correct information, then gather the proper materials to get the job done. Your genes work precisely the same way. 

We have yet to scratch the surface of all our genes, waiting for us to unlock their incredible potential. Genetic programming and potential are hard-wired into the fabric of our body, and its inner workings hold the perfect solution to health.

Yet, as counterintuitive as it seems, we can still make this body sick.

Genes offer us the potential for amazing things, yet we can do very little if we choose.

Written in these volumes of genetic material are codes to be a great athlete, a nurturing mother, an inspired writer, a talented singer, and even to becoming an evil villain.

Which gene combination expresses depends entirely on what genes you activate, which genes you turn on, and which genes you turn off. Like the books, the potential in any of the pages depends on what book you pull from the shelf, what chapter you open up to, what page you decide to read, and the action you choose to take. Or choose not to.

Our thoughts and environment determine what genes are triggered, not our genes themselves. 

Biochemical signals from what we touch, think, eat, feel, see, hear, and do determine which gene “books” are pulled off the shelf and which plans we can implement.

The sum of the billions of different gene combinations being turned on and off in the amazingly detailed sequence of our DNA will reflect your life, body, health, and function. 

If you do not like what you see, for whatever reason that might be, then all you have to do is trigger different genes to turn on and off, and your body and its function will change. On a genetic level, it seems so easy. 

That means our genes and their corresponding expression respond to us! We are in charge, and our lifestyle determines the environment in which we ultimately express our genes.

We are programmed to be healthy and happy. Still, we can override that with negative thoughts, exposure to chemicals and toxins, emotional stress, worry, and lack of sunlight or fresh air and clean water. Even the absence of w human contact, providing low-quality fuel, and a lack of movement can all have lifelong negative impacts.

Fortunately, time becomes the determining factor as to whether these negative influences drive our genes to react and begin to express ill health or not.  So time is of the essence.  

Everything we value and promote through our healthy living and wellness lifestyle can successfully navigate negative influences, shielding our genes from danger and reducing the need to react harshly in fear of survival.

If we decide to do things differently, we can encourage a more profound quality of life full of energy, inspiration, and new possibilities.

When we do get sick, we can show others how to return to activate sleeping genetic responses for health and healing, and prevent future problems.

Our environment has changed more drastically than ever before, and today we have more information, all the information needed, to create the plan we need to live any life we choose in good health and genetic integrity.

All that information, every innate expression we need, and every genetic switch to turn on and off are already inside us.

Nature, health, and healing need no help. They need no interference.

Our genetic life story is based on the volumes on our DNA shelf, and as we explore them, we are writing the details and experiences of our lives within them for those who follow our life and line to see and learn.

What’s your plan? What role do you want to play in this ongoing story? How do you want to show up each day?

How can you do things differently to bring those answers alive?

You don’t have to find new things to do. Well, at least not at first. Just find ways to do what you always have done differently.  

We can do better!

Dr. Don Clum