Hunger Is Not Normal

hunger is not normal

At least acute hunger is not. Hunger, as in the “feeling” people get between meals or from skipping a meal, or maybe at night, is not true hunger.

Usually, this feeling is due to toxicity reactions, the carb addiction cycle, and changes in body serotonin (part of the carb addiction cycle) changes.

If we got shaky, light-headed, brain fog, irritable, headaches, and tired every time we didn’t eat a snack, meal, or even eat for a day, we would have gone extinct as a species a long, long time ago.

That said, if you have these feelings, they are most likely NOT hunger and NOT low blood sugar, as in medical hypoglycemia.

Through fasting programs with individuals and groups, we have learned that true hunger is mild and sporadic. Even after several days and weeks, the “hunger” sensation is low to non-existent. But you have to work up to get to that point…. first-time fasters often report “suffering,” which is a sign of a poor plan.

An actual test of your health can be determined by how well you tolerate extended periods without food. A weak or maladapted system breaks down fast, and you can feel it in all sorts of negative ways. A solid system has some minor shifts and rolls with it, eventually increasing energy, alertness, and “good” feelings.

AND hunger is the number one reason people drop out of health and weight loss programs……at least traditional ones.

So what can you do?

Hormones change faster than body system mechanics. You can start to shift your hormones in one day. Here’s how to start:

  1. Eat just 3 meals daily, no snacking, and use sea salt on food.
  2. Drink water and some vinegar (it doesn’t have to be together).
  3. Take 3-5, 5-8 minute walks daily.

Until you have the hunger illusion in check, I wouldn’t try more advanced concepts like fasting, ketogenic diets, or the like.

NOTE: if you eat tiny each day and have yet to train your body to get there as it has just happened over the years or after traditional dieting…..that is also an issue of a maladapted metabolism and needs to be addressed as well.

If you do this right, make a plan, and rotate your concepts well, you can eliminate hunger, cravings, and emotional eating. 

BEFORE you look to do anything, it will seem “hard.” And then, what you thought was hard will now be accessible.

There is a method to the madness; you don’t have to “suffer through it!”

Start with the basics, my friends, and here’s to living free of the bonds of hunger!

Keep following, join “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” or message me or write “meet&greet” in the comments to discuss a structured program for those ready to make a change today.

We can do better!