You Are Not An Exception

The most significant crack in today’s health efforts is people’s belief they are the exception.

I get it. You are different, everyone is different, and you have X, Y, Z, and many reasons why you must do things differently. 

But what if not?

Each human body is virtually identical.

The human genome has evolved and perfected over millions of years, yet in the last few generations, we have come to believe that each of us is now different.

Millions of people hide behind what they think makes them the exception, their self-imposed uniqueness. It has become the biggest excuse to alter primary health efforts to fit whatever we want to do, whether we need to or not.

Or, in most cases, an excuse not to do what we know is fundamental and healthy.

We can literally test more things in this body than we know what to do with.

Just because we can have a test done and have a number or marker doesn’t mean we know what it means to the body.

We have very few. I mean almost no, tests that can determine health. Only labs, imaging, and exams show what we consider unhealthy; the average numbers are based on a population of unhealthy people.

Has that become our standard? 

What’s the biggest risk to the American public’s immediate health?


What’s the most dangerous suggestion one can offer to another?

“You should get that checked out.”

Followed by, “you should ask your doctor about that.”

Testing is fine if you can keep the type of test and what it is reporting in context.

Treating a test result to try and match a standard set by a population of sick people will only make you sick, waste valuable time, cost money that can be spent elsewhere, give a false sense of security, promote lifelong unsupported medication use, cause side effects, and offers a significant risk of death.

We need to remember that the most important piece of the health exam and testing is the interpretation.

The medical system is the most dangerous bully on the American quality of life playground, and its rigid system promotes and creates potentially fatal victimhood.

You are now a medical victim when you are told, convinced, or accept that your health is out of your hands or that your health status is not your fault and can’t improve.

No matter what a test says or what is being prescribed to treat whatever they think it means, the basic fundamentals of a healthy life and well-being still apply and need to be practiced if one hopes to escape the dismal, unacceptable, yet nearly inevitable American health statistics.

Once you decide to own your condition, genetic variables, and past health issues due to something out of your control, it’s essentially over, and symptom management becomes your excuse not to work to change your fate.

Thinking your accepted medical condition gives you justification to alter or avoid any of the basic health habits that we know promote health and healing, guarantee the medical system a customer for life, and will drain you dry emotionally and financially to the end.

Healthy Living 101:

  • Eat real, unprocessed food and LESS, less OFTEN.

  • Intentionally move your body beyond the activities of daily living and simple physical activity daily.

  • Build resilience through introspection and proactively quieting your mind and body.

  • Fast on a planned rotational, ongoing calendar.

  • Drink 80 oz of water daily with 6 oz extra every 20 min of exercise.

  • Get sun or natural light exposure daily.

  • Work to improve your sleep.

  • Get regular functional mechanical tune-ups for your body and nervous system.

  • Practice social wellness with others, gratitude, service, and the goal of effective communication and listening.

  • Practice enjoyment. Intentionally find ways to enjoy in each moment who you are, what you have, where you live, and whom you are with.

Until you are working in all 10 of these areas, you, by all means, are not doing all you can, not doing your best, and have not tried “everything.”

And you won’t achieve optimal health and well-being or heal.

When you have these ten practices well established, any treatment or management, natural or with synthetic medicine, will work better, and you will need less for less time.

Never get on medication without an exit plan or rock solid, verified, proven reason why you can’t.

Save the hospital for true medical emergencies.

See your medical doctor less, and talk through these concepts for their support when you do. If they don’t support them, fire your doctor, and be cautious of routine and “extra” testing.

Good luck my friends! Now get to work!

If I can help or you need a program to follow, message me directly or write “program” in the comment and remember to keep following! And join my group, “Insulin Firendly Fasting Secrets.”

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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