The Fountain of Youth

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

As I study this topic as it related to insulin resistance and anti-aging, it is hard not to get caught up in just how amazing this little hormone really is.

From producing a virtual facelift to building lean muscle by 8.8%, to a double-digit reduction in body fat, both within 6 months and apparent targeting of the dangerous abdominal fat and improved sexual desire and performance all the way to mood-enhancing and life expectancy increases, HGH does it all.

The inevitable question that people want to know is, “Where do I get some?” 

“How can I raise mine?” 

And finally, “is taking hormones a viable option vs. naturally raising them?”

Here is the deal:

When you take HGH, you take a therapeutic dose that will raise your levels to that of a 20-30-year-old, or maybe a teenager.

Taking more than this doesn’t provide added benefit and when you do more than that all the side effects start to come with it.

Many of which are not well documented and long-term studies are very lacking.

Even if you are very low in HGH, the therapeutic dose raises your levels about 300%. Sounds good right?

Not really when you consider this……

Taking HGH will raise your levels up to 300% while weakening your natural HGH-producing mechanisms and risking them shutting down completely.

Lifestyle modification that includes certain intensity workouts, specific heavy weight lifting, different modified fasting techniques and rotations, diet concepts, improved sleep, meditation, stress resilience, and temperature acclimation (heat/cold) therapy can all raise your HGH between 400% and 2,000%.

Lifestyle, natural options raise HGH 33% to 700% more than hormone replacement and STRENGTHEN the body’s mechanism to produce HGH in the process, as well as improving insulin resistance and blood sugar, reduces fatty liver, and can ward off new cancer development and dementia. WOW!

There is always a price to pay for taking hormones, they can be VERY dangerous.

There is so much to be gained by changing your lifestyle to enhance your hormonal function and sensitivity. Improvements in health and healing to mood and quality of life to extending your time on this planet, a hormonally sensitive, and insulin friendly living can do it all! 

It really is not a hard choice, I want the big numbers!

We can do better!

Hope this helps,

Dr. Don