The functions of a healthy body are opposing, not balanced.

functions of health

Balance is often associated with equality or stability, yet the functions of a healthy body are neither.

My clients and followers often refer to making efforts or taking products to try and “balance hormones,” yet, if someone was to balance all their hormone levels equally or stabilize their hormones to one constant level, the results would be devastating and anything but healthy.

Every function, system, action, hormone, metabolic or mental state in a healthy body works in cycles with an opposing cycle that does virtually the opposite. 

Many biological cycles work inversely, like a teeter-totter where one side goes up, and the opposite goes down.

And although any two opposing cycles in a healthy body are 100% vital, they are not 50-50 partners, balanced, or stable.

In most cases, one of the two functions in these cycles is much shorter than its longer cycle counterpart.

Here are some examples:

Cycles of the Central  Nervous System:

  • Stress and Relaxation (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic)

Cycles of the Sympathetic Nervous System:

  • The Threat and Challenge Response

Cycles of the Parasympathetic Nervous System:

  • The Growth and Repair States

Cycles of the Cardiovascular System:

  • Heart and Muscle Contraction and Relaxation (relaxation)

Cycles of the Metabolism:

  • The Fed and the Fasted State

Cycles of the Mental State: 

  • Focus and Expansion (Thinking and Distraction)

Drive and Accomplishment Cycles:

  • Adrenaline produces the drive to act, and dopamine triggers the enjoyment of accomplishment.

Motivation/Self-Confidence and Apathy/Self-Doubt Cycles:

  • Internal Rewards System, External Reward System

Day and Night Energetic Cycles:

  • Wakeful and Sleep State (circadian rhythm)

Emotional Cycles:

  • Joy and Anger
  • Compassion and Apathy
  • Overwhelm and Connection
  • Empathy and Contempt
  • Vulnerability and Safety
  • Honesty and Deceit

Every main cycle listed above has a specific biological “product” created by the cycle as a hormone, neurotransmitter, energy production, and much more of what builds our quality of life and emotional intelligence.

Hormones are powerful biological products and natural compounds that can change our entire body, mind, mood, demeanor, feelings, perception, and physical state with a whisper rather than a scream.

Many people credit adrenaline as responsible for our internal drive, dopamine for pleasure, growth hormone to appear young, testosterone for muscle, estrogen for bone health, and oxytocin for courage, to name a few. But these natural hormones, neurotransmitters, and compounds are merely the products of these innate systems and processes.

The magic we seek in health, healing, anti-aging, and longevity is from the natural “process” of these cycles, not their resulting end “products.”

This is why simply jumping the natural order of things and adding products to our bodies in the form of hormones like estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, caffeine, vitamin D (really a hormone), cortisone, or bioidentical hormones, and even supplements will inevitably make our cycles weaker, reduce our biological products, and erode our health and body.

Taking new “products” will cause us to feel differently, usually better, sometimes worse, but will shut down our production, sometimes permanently, well before the euphoria and shine on this new hormone-balancing “healthy” new toy fades.

What your body makes, not what you take, gets and keeps you healthy. 

Strengthening the body’s “processes” and the “product’s” potency, utility, efficiency, and effectiveness will improve dramatically. As will your health and well-being.

Tomorrow, I’ll go into how “train” our internal cycles and processes to make and feel the difference in the products when you need them.

Until then, keep following, join “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” and message me if you are ready to start on a program today!

We can do better!

Dr. Don