Don, how do you define fasting?

By definition, fasting is the voluntary abstinence of food.

I define it by the shift in physiology from the fed to the fasted state.

There are levels of depth and consequent benefits of fasting dictated by the strict nature and duration.

Autophagy, or the body’s natural recycling system, mirrors this physiology and fasting depths.

What degrades or shifts the body from the fasting metabolism are the stimuli from insulin and mTOR.

By maintaining a state of low stimuli to these fasting inhibitors, one can bend the strictness of the fast and minimally impact or break it.

The immense benefits of fasting are predicated upon the preparation and planning rolling into a fast, support during the fast itself, and the reinforcement efforts following the end of the fast and ongoing strategies leading into the next.

I call it all functional fasting and follow a progressive fasting rotation calendar.

One still needs to function on all levels and be able to fast at any time, anywhere, with little discomfort, as desired. IMO

We can do better!

Dr. Don