Coffee Part 2: Coffee Is Not Healthy

The stories we tell ourselves can sometimes be amazing.

The easiest lie we accept and the person we break our word to first and most often is ourselves.

Oh, I can’t tell you how much heat I get from coffee drinkers when I dare say that coffee is not healthy.

coffee is not healthy

Following up on a recent post, I have to point out this elephant in the room for what it is.

What makes coffee good for some people, if it is at all, is that they are already so sick that coffee improves their health status.

In other words, if coffee is offering you any net positive health benefit, you are holding yourself and your health to an extremely low standard.

88% of Americans do not qualify as metabolically healthy. 60% of Americans’ diets are processed foods and they consume 170 lbs. of sugar per year. Only 23% of them get enough exercise on a regular basis if you allow walking as part of your job to count and if you consider self-reporting accurate. The per capita prescription rate in the US is more than 12 per man, woman, and child.

Is that the standard you hold yourself to? I would hope this is not the case. Even if this describes you, I would hope it will encourage you to at least aim for a higher benchmark.

All the benefits studies I have seen that even suggest that drinking coffee has any health benefits are from epidemiological studies of statistics and are not designed, nor attempt to show causation. The trivia may be interesting but no conclusions can be made from them whatsoever.

If a benefit occurs from the antioxidants coffee contains it means the person receiving the benefits is in a very poor state of health to even show a change from them. And since coffee is most Americans’ single largest antioxidant source in their diet, that’s saying something.

Vitamin C is healthy too! The number one source of vitamin C in the US is from potatoes in the form of French fries. Now come and fight with me about questioning your daily French fry fix why don’t you?

Look, I will never tell anyone that they shouldn’t drink coffee or tell them they shouldn’t do one thing or another. I support personal choice, 100%. I would even enjoy discussing this and as we do, I will buy you a cup of coffee to enjoy.

But, I will not agree with or defend coffee as being healthy for anyone. We have to have standards. We have to have values. Standards and values determine our actions and this is where many people will not agree, and that’s ok.

I am all for information because that is what is required to make an informed choice. You need to learn the details of something before you can make an educated decision. That is freedom, making a fully conscious informed decision.

It’s just information, just data, just something more to consider. Do with it what you may, and I will do the same whether you agree with me or not.

I stopped drinking coffee a while ago so I know the attraction, but I will never say it’s healthy for you. Sorry. And if you want to throw stones get them ready. I do plenty of other things that aren’t the healthiest choices, but you’ll have to watch me long enough to find them! I’m glad you’re not watching! Lol

Cheers my friends. Here is to informed personal choice and continuing to seek out new information!

We can do better!

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