Fructose Is Toxic

Nowadays, fruit is no longer natural and this can be a big problem for susceptible people and especially for children.

New research is adding to the case that fructose, the sugar only found naturally in fruit and honey as well as in High Fructose Corn Syrup, is not healthy and causes significant metabolic problems.

A review recently published in the scientific journal, “Cell Metabolism” changes our understanding of fructose and its toxic nature, as well as its potential to do harm. The reference to this research can be found in the comments.

I do in fact not believe that we evolved with fructose as part of our regular, consistent diet.

Natural fruit as it exists in nature was not very sweet prior to the selective farming and breeding of the crops we have now. If it was, it didn’t last long and wasn’t in season long, and was only found in very select locations.

The liver is also the primary, and as current research shows, the only organ that can metabolize fructose. Why would that be if we consumed fructose often and in high amounts?

The liver is the gatekeeper for sugar and other nutrients that gets into our bodies. When there is fructose in our diet, the liver immediately prioritizes it and metabolizes it over glucose and other sugars. It is as if the liver is trying to get rid of it and prevent it from spreading to the rest of our body, the same as it would do with any other poison. When we get food poisoning, the body gets rid of it as fast as possible and with fury to avoid damage.

The same thing happens when we consume alcohol. The liver immediately stops all sugar and fat burning processes and focuses on breaking that toxin down to get it out of the system.

The liver doesn’t prefer alcohol or fructose when it is present, but prioritizes it due to its toxicity threat to the rest of the body.

This is why I believe the concept of the brain and other tissues preferring to use glucose rather than fat for converting to energy use is wrong as well. The body rather metabolizes glucose sooner than fat because glucose is more toxic. Glucose therefore becomes a priority and not a preference.

Fructose is responsible for fatty liver as well as visceral fat which then leads to insulin resistance. When consumed in combination with high insulin stimulating foods, it eventually causes diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and this ultimately reduces our life expectancy.

So no, fructose is not healthy, and even in fruit it is not natural. It can be the deciding factor or tipping point for weight gain and chronic disease.

Children are especially susceptible to this damage as they grow.

For now, don’t let your kids eat this known toxin. Keep it simple.

More on the fructose and children issue will be discussed in future articles.

There’s nothing sweeter than good health and a vibrant, energetic and toxic-free body.

We can do better!

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