How To Fix A Fatty Liver

fix liver fat

Liver fat is created and stored in the liver to be used as energy for taking action.

In nature, fatty liver is developed from eating fructose in preparation for a specific physical activity or stressful adaptive events like migration, hibernation, or an extended time without food.

Humans can’t target fat loss and do a specific workout or exercise move to take more fat off our belly vs. our rear end. The process of losing body fat is systemic and can’t be targeted to one area or another, but we can target liver fat with specific actions.

Liver fat used for energy is used during high-intensity exercise and fasting.

High-intensity exercise and fasting are healthy and wired into our genome, triggering significant activation of health and longevity genes.

Reducing liver fat also improves metabolic function and lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, weight gain, and cancer.

Liver fat is intentionally created to prepare us for a challenge. When we experience the physical stress of that challenge, liver fat is easily used and reduced as intended and designed.

The high-intensity exercise needed for each person will vary in their ability to reduce liver fat depending on their fitness level, exercise experience, how long they have had the liver fat, and how severe the resulting metabolic stress is.

Fasting is not a prescriptive therapy that treats any specific condition. There is no way to say how long someone has to fast or how many fasts over time they would need to do to reduce or eliminate fat from the liver.

Like exercise, fasting is highly individual in the changes it makes and when.

If ten random people did the same workout for a month, they would all have different changes and results depending on age, sex, size, experience, limitations, starting shape, health status, effort, and so on.

Trying to tell people what will change when in that scenario would be a complete guess and either incomplete or over-promising when applied as general outcomes that people, in general, could achieve. 

Fasting is the same concept. Results depend on the person and many other variables that can not be generalized or used to say what other people will experience.

We know nothing will target the removal of liver fat more precisely or quickly than high-intensity exercise and fasting.

If you want to improve your health and remove any build-up of fat in your liver, you must include these two healing powerhouses of high-intensity exercise and rotational functional fasting in your life and lifestyle.

I will follow up with some examples of high-intensity exercise and starting fasting concepts over the next two weeks as I start my 8-Week Muscle Replenishing Post-Fast challenge.

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We can do better!

Dr. Don