Did you do or try Keto with no success?

There is a reason why. 

Ever try to follow a diet or program like keto or otherwise and do everything right and still not get the results that everyone else did? Or even fail to get the results that you had achieved before? 

Do you ever wonder why? 

This could be why.

Look at the scenario in this graphic for my post. This looks like how many people approach intermittent fasting and the keto diet in general. This person in the post graphic was doing everything she was told by whoever turned her on to keto and intermittent fasting.

She was counting her carbs, she was staying low carb in general, she was using keto snacks rather than junk, she made her meal at home for her family, she delayed eating until later, she stayed within an 8-hour window, she did exactly what people are being told every day in the keto world.

When you start to look at your health and lifestyle landscape through the lens of hormones versus calories, macros, or bad fat, you start to see things differently. 

Hormones decide whether you’re in ketosis or not, whether you lose weight or not, and whether you heal and recover or not. The key hormone, the master hormone, the potential bully on the playground hormone, is insulin.

You can be following keto perfectly and still drive insulin up high enough to stop your weight loss, to take you out of ketosis, which is the entire reason why they call it “keto”, and you can even gain weight and get worse metabolically.

 What determines this? Again insulin.

 In this scenario from the graphic, I count at least 9 “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers.”

The “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers” in our life are what make us plateau, or what stop us from getting results from efforts that we did before and had great results, end can even make us gain weight when we try to lose it or stop us from losing it when we want to, or what’s called weight loss resistance. Yes, it’s a real thing.

These “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers,’ I believe, can be more important than what’s on your plate. 

They trump your carb count, they trump your intermittent fasting model, and they trump your caloric intake.

 It is being shown that the “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers” in our lives stimulate more insulin than any single thing that we eat.  

This is the reason that I have extended my concept model in Insulin Friendly Living as well as in all my programs to include the top 10 “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers.” They are that important.

Now in Insulin Friendly Living not only do we talk about “What to eat,” as in what’s on the plate, and “When you eat” as in fasting, meal timing, and meal spacing, we now have “How you eat.”

How you eat is all about the “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers.” 

These behaviors that we do day in and day out can compound negatively against us no matter how good we are with our diet or wellness and health efforts. They can hold us back, they can make us worse, and they can be the key to why you are not succeeding with what you want to do.

The problem is I can’t just give you a list of dos and don’ts. I can’t just say here’s your food list, here’s your carb count, here’s your calorie intake, and now go to it. This is a behavioral issue, this is a cultural issue, this is a societal issue, and a very personal one at that.

In my follow-up post, I will go through the 9 “Hidden Insulin Magnifiers” that I believe are found in this graphic. I will go through them one by one briefly touching on the concepts as I do. Just know that I am dedicating a lot of my time, most of my time right now, to developing these concepts into easily understandable models that we can start to learn and apply today to feel a difference and see a difference tomorrow.

But again they are behavioral therefore it takes work, it takes effort and it takes a desire to see a change and to make a change. It will not happen through medication, a diet, a supplement, a workout plan, or any other pop health gimmick that shows up. You have to do the work.

The good news is they are not impossible, they are not all that difficult, they are things we can do today and see a difference tomorrow even before you change your diet, start to es=xercise, or think about fasting. We simply have to be aware of them. 

Check out the next post where I go through the ones I see in this graphic and try to explain what exactly I’m talking about: Can you see the Hidden Insulin Magnifiers?

If nothing else you should know there is hope, you did not fail, and I used to hate this next one, but honestly, it’s not your fault. 

We have all been misled. It has led to weight gain, depression, metabolic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a whole lot more. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can do better!
Dr. Don

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