When is Keto, Not Keto?

I hope you know by now I am not a Keto guy, at least not how it is set up these days.

Some things “keto” are not “Insulin Friendly” and will stop your ketosis even when on the approved “Keto Foods List.”

Macros do not decide your keto or ketosis fate, INSULIN DOES!

Food is actually a small part of our hormonal profile and therefore ketosis.

The Hidden Insulin Magnifiers (I have boiled it down to 10) are the real drivers of our high cultural insulin levels and why 88% of Americans are considered metabolically sick.

Insulin resistance is impacted by “WHAT” you eat, “WHEN” you eat it, and now being developed into our programs, “HOW” you eat.

The WHAT you eat is responsible for about 33% of our insulin exposure leaving 67%, or the vast majority of our insulin issues left to other factors of WHEN, and HOW.

It’s not the food but our HYPER response to the food we eat that is driving this issue of global insulin resistance and the biggest insulin hyper responses are from the WHEN and HOW.

But I will say, some major insulin producers are from food with one of the highest falling smack dabs on a traditional list of approved keto foods!

No wonder people get confused with nutritional information!

These are 2 posts from a keto company I bought a set of slides from and they are directly opposing their own statements as to what is keto.

People often say they can’t keep up with the back and forth info in nutrition and wellness, and at times like this, I have to agree. 

This is a newer company trying to promote and sell keto programs. I have been posting their contradictory info to show that this has become a fad-pop-diet gimmick.

keto is not keto
when keto is not keto

This is a pretty big brand here with a lot of followers promoting a “Keto” product that includes foods that are known to raise insulin to unnaturally high levels and stop ketosis. 

keto cookbook

When is Keto Not Keto?

When it isn’t insulin friendly!

There’s no “Hacks,” not sort cut around learning the basics of how the body works and how lifestyle and nutrition impact it if you want to navigate the misinformation out there.

I am information-based, without it, one can not make an informed decision or an educated choice.

Insulin will halt fat-burning at the cellular level and consequently ketogenesis (making of ketone bodies) as well and attaining high levels of ketone in our body from keto neogenesis is the whole point of the “Keto” diet, this directly opposes the entire premise of the diet in the first place.

When you see my titles or me saying “Keto? NOT Keto!” this is exactly what I mean.

I thought “X” was Keto, but it’s NOT keto.”

When keto’s not keto is my attempt to illustrate the double talk occurring in that model or at least by some of the people promoting it. 

To be fair, I don’t think most of the people promoting what they are as keto when it isn’t are doing it intentionally. I think they just are not aware of the biochemistry involved and are following other “Keto” people. 

This is why I encourage people to learn what they can about our metabolism and metabolic physiology because if you know some of the core physiology then when messaging or new concepts or promos come your way you can use the physiology you know to decide if it makes sense or not.

Understanding is what will set you free from bouncing from one diet to another or investing time and money into a lot of hard work for something that isn’t going to work the way it is pitched. 

Ketones are made as a byproduct of fat metabolism and they are a high-efficiency fuel source for your body when they are at a measurable level in our body we are in a state of ketosis indicating fat burning.

What decides if we get into fat burning and ultimately make ketones is the role of insulin deciding whether we store energy in fat or we use energy and fat burning can occur. 

If we want fat burning to occur then we want to make friends with insulin and keep it calm and nice and low. 

Foods that make insulin scream are not insulin friendly and will cause insulin to stop what we are trying to do which is burn fat. 

Therefore any foods, no matter what the macros say, that are not insulin friendly will cause insulin to scream and stop ketosis and fat burning and should not be considered a ketosis promoting food or, “keto.”

This would include any food made from a powder since the body has an unnaturally high insulin response to these processed foods and make insulin scream.

It is seen in bread made from grains, milk, and yogurt made from dairy, and protein powders made from protein. 

It isn’t the carb count that does this nor the source of the original food but the fact that it has been completely changed and made into a powder that triggers this reaction. 

I hope my content has helped you in the process and continues to offer solid info without the pressure of a sales pitch. I try and keep those separate!

Ok, well, I hope that helps you stay clear of any approved products that will provide you a disapproving result for what you wanted them for. 

We can do better! Choose wisely my friends!