Coconut Oil, it’s been a fun ride. Now it’s time to go.

no more coconut oil

Please don’t feel bad. It’s you, not me.

Cholesterol is among many sterols, including phytosterols in plants and plant-based products.

Phytosterols and cholesterol are nearly identical, so close you may not even notice the one difference in the graphic above that separates them. 

This similarity also translates into what they do or can do in the human body, leading to the possibility that plants’ phytosterols are responsible for most of the issues we have blamed cholesterol for the last 100 years.

That’s exactly what I believe we did and hope to illustrate in the Heart Disease, Cholesterol, and Statin educational series I am researching and filming as we speak. 

I have recommended coconut oil as part of a healthy diet and have used it in all my programs for the last 15-plus years.

When my kids were young, we ordered our coconut oil by the 40 lb pale and used it for everything from cooking, chocolates, mayo, dressings, and even as the base for deodorant, toothpaste, and skin care. So this change of opinion isn’t made lightly or on a whim.

I’ve been researching the Diet-Heart Hypothesis as the cause of heart disease, everything cholesterol is, does, and doesn’t do, and the current medical paradigm in diagnosing heart disease, treatment, and prevention. 

That rabbit hole proved more profound and more twisted than I imagined, and behind each turn and inch, the deeper I dove, the more I learned and put new research, data, and puzzle pieces together. 

New technology in medical imaging has allowed for a more detailed look into the human body, particularly the tissues and structures of the cardiovascular system itself.

This new information and understanding of the details of physiology, combined with over 60 years of trials, study, and analysis of information from millions of people all over the world in various populations for years to decades, paints a very clear and distinctly different picture than what we see and hear today. 

This change of opinion comes directly from this research, and I am posting this to plant a seed of the possibility that we may have been wrong about more than we have been told. 

I want to encourage people to keep an open mind as I share these lessons, new concepts, and explanations, and ironically enough, share a lot of old research and findings that took place before, during, and shortly after we accepted specific facts about heart disease, diet, cholesterol and much more.

Coconut oil is loaded with phytosterols. 

These plant sterols and many other toxins and metabolic responses plants and plant-based food create are responsible for most of what we have blamed on animal products, dietary fat, and cholesterol, especially saturated fat.

Eating animal products and all that I listed that comes with it has been cast as the villains responsible for causing modern society’s most prominent cause of death, heart disease. 

Please consider another possibility: the opposite is true.

That’s it. Stick with me for a while and help me understand all of this by sharing your thoughts, asking questions, and spreading the word so theories can add to the group learning.

Keep following for announcements as the information and videos are released, join “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” and reach out if you are stuck and think I can help.

Let’s get this party started!

We can do better!

Dr. Don