Fatty Liver Disease, Reversed!

reversed nafld

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFL) is rampant in our culture and society, hitting an estimated rate of 40% across the US.

It is when the liver swells or grows due to fat deposits that accumulate within the liver itself.  

This is a very bad thing and can dramatically affect liver function, health, and quality of life.

I had a client with an ultrasound showing her liver had over DOUBLED in size due to fatty liver.  Along with a list of other health issues, this obviously was a HUGE concern.

Less than 6 months later, she had a repeat ultrasound of her liver only to find it back to normal size.


Over these 5.5 months or so, this client had a very hard road.  

She progressed slowly and wanted to lose weight, but it came off in trickles if it even moved.  She had other health issues that did not seem to budge much and went through many small ups and downs.

We worked to help her become metabolically flexible (switching from sugar to fat-burning easily) over 5 months. She did get there. It was the longest anyone I had worked with took to get there, but get there, she did.

This brave woman kept at it.  She held strong, stuck to the program, took the protocols, and got adjusted, even when things seemed to not be “working.”

Once she turned that metabolic corner, she started losing lots of weight, nearly 40 lbs in less than 2 months, had more energy, had been doing daily physical work AND intensity workouts, and got back into swimming.  

She still has goals and more to go, but she clearly turned major health and metabolic corner.

Her apparent lack of “results” was actually her body working on the inside.  Her weight loss disappointment was fat coming out of her liver and viscera.  And once that was better, her liver and body could kick into gear and handle the rest. 

Your body will always save your butt before it shrinks it!

The ball is rolling, and this new momentum will take her extremely far and help her heal along the way.

Just think if she gave up after 3 months, 30 days, or even after 5 months!

Insulin resistance causes fatty liver.  

Fructose in your diet causes fatty liver.  

Other hormonal imbalances and environmental factors contribute to the mess.  

Reversing this process is not just losing weight or balancing a blood sugar test or a number on any one lab test. It simply takes time and regular effort. 

But what is the alternative? 

These issues do not and can not get better by themselves if you don’t make any changes…why would they?  

Oh, and not just small changes, doing a fad diet, minor shifts in your routine, or skipping breakfast, but rather ongoing changes that will allow your body to HEAL.

Your body can heal if respected and the right actions over time are applied.

Stick to it, my friends, don’t give up. Give it TIME, monitor what you can, and take any advancements as progress because they are!  

You don’t want to give up a month before things kick in!

Keep following for more info, tips, and insights, and join “Insulin Friendly Fasting Secrets,” if you are ready and want to look into a plan now, message me, and we can discuss that. 

We can do better!

Dr. Don