How does 50-60 lbs. of weight loss in 8 weeks sound?

But Doc, losing weight too fast is unhealthy. This has been a common question this week.

Who makes this junk up?

Yeah, I can see some strategies for losing weight being unhealthy like in cases of anorexia, bulimia, drug therapies, and surgical options. Or maybe in the case of an illness, we can deem the weight loss as unhealthy, ok, maybe.

But here is the deal. The physiological process of burning fat (weight loss) is VERY healthy. It is a strong primal mechanism that has developed over hundreds of thousands of years and has been KEY in keeping our species alive.

Fat burning, be it via metabolic exercise, eating variations, fasting, or any combination of the three is EXTREMELY healthy.

And as long as you have more than 4% body fat you have no reason to worry about malnutrition, going into starvation mode, losing muscle, or dying.

When you go into full fat-burning mode and turn off your chronic sugar-burning mechanisms you start to detoxify immediately, heal old injuries and heal on a cellular level as well. 

You clear brain chemistry and pump your feel-good neurotransmitters and hormones, boost natural energy and metabolism, build muscle, and squash hunger pains, cravings, and emotional eating, all while burning unwanted fat off your body…..AND at a VERY fast rate when you have the weight to lose and follow the right plan. 

Oh, and no packaged foods or nutritional supplements or products are needed…..although some may help.

So yes, those numbers are real. 50-60 lbs. in 8 weeks… participant can’t even exercise due to old injuries! But will be soon! 

Others have lost 15-30 lbs., more of the “norm” when applying all our strategies, and the only ones that had any issue losing weight were those who did not participate as designed or those on certain medications or with a history of specific hormonal issues.

In those cases, we would take an advanced one-on-one support program, utilize more supplemental protocols, and will still lose weight in time.

The key, strive to get healthy to lose weight, not to lose weight to get healthy. Forget the low-calorie, low-fat model, throw it out! If calories were the key then 6-8 lbs of FAT loss would be an impossibility, but it isn’t, so there are powerful mechanisms at play that we are starting to discover. It is all about brain chemistry and hormones, they drive your metabolism.

Stop the traditional cardio for fat loss and mix things up. AND keep an eye out for more posts and articles where we share more insights.

But at the end of the day, feel encouraged, feel empowered, there are amazingly effective new models out there that are doing amazing things.

We can do better!

Dr. Don