We had a 100-lb. reduction in one client after 4 months (16 weeks) verified by an integrated scale and witness.

This is not a “common” case for many reasons.

Speed:  If our approach was caloric based this person would have been at the 25-32 lb. loss at this point. The man ate daily, without daily calorie restriction, actually ate more fat than before some days, and hadn’t moved into any traditional fasting or exercise yet.

Method: He was living with his sister, who was a client in my program, and following her lead. So, not even working with me technically. The only reason I knew he was losing like this is he registered as a second user on the smart scale she uses for the program.

How? Honestly, this is not the first time we have seen numbers that didn’t equate to the traditional weight caloric model. I too at times scratch my head. I believe we are starting to observe undefined metabolic mechanisms and we need to think outside the box to understand how this is happening.

What I can say, is it’s not about CALORIES! A 6.5 lbs. a week weight reduction would be a deficit of 22,750 calories a week or 3,250 a day, and that just didn’t happen.

This concept is very exciting, and I just had to share it. It’s important to note that this gentleman was about 100+ lbs overweight at the start.

And no, there is no secret pill, powder, product, protocol, or potion. My programs are not product or supplement based nor need any special testing or labs, although when people have or want them I do advise on, and review applicable tests.

I use strategic lifestyle protocols introduced in a specific sequence in the areas of:

  • Nutrition in “what to eat,” “when to eat,” and “how to eat.”
  • Metabolic exercise progression
  • Sleep recovery
  • Stress Resilience practices
  • Functional Fasting on a specific rotation

This has been developed over years of use in different models based on data from thousands in my population health, group, and 1-on-1 programs.

When I was attempting to enroll large corporations in using this type of program I had to come very well prepared and go before these companies’ medical review boards and wellness committees filled with educated MDs, Ph.D.’s, weight loss experts, and health professionals who were there to vet my “new approach” to their old problems.

This leads to thousands of hours over the years doing research, attending medical seminars on diabetes, weight loss, and wellness, and establishing our own 3rd party research model and analysis.

I learned a lot about what people liked or didn’t about programs, what strategies they actually incorporated short and long term, why certain people didn’t finish or succeed, and at what point they were likely to stumble, and who were the most likely to drop out, when, and why.

That info has proven invaluable. I learned what makes the 27 and 61-day points crucial for a large percentage of people, found out what special variables come with different medications, and discovered what particular group of people needs to see happen FIRST or they won’t even start a program.

Each of these revealing insights has enabled me to provide what I call a “soft catch” that supports people through these vital moments to keep them moving forward and progressing through the program.

If you would like information about my approach and see if it might be what you have been needing, please message me directly and I will tell you how we can see if this is right for you.

There is a lot to this concept of lifestyle and weight loss. 

Keep an open mind and always remember there are other options and different ways to approach everything!

We can do better!

Dr. Don