Are You Concerned That The New Culture of If You Have Had It…. Will Determine Your Restrictions And Privileges?

I live in California where there have been, and still are, many suggestions that are enforced as rules regarding the current health scare we have been experiencing over the last year and a half. I see and read about requirements to have had a specific intervention before we can travel, go into shopping centers, public outdoor areas, restaurants, and food stores.

There are announcements about who can “go back to work” and the manner and capacity in which this can happen are based on your intervention status. Those who have chosen to receive it can, and those who don’t can’t.

The interventions in question were designed, applied for, and received endorsement from our government, and were issued permission to fast track their development process. This was all done with the clear understanding that the outcome from the intervention would possibly help an individual person by reducing the severity of an infection going around.

There was never any talk or even claims made that this procedure would or could prevent the spreading of the infection to other people, or that it would reduce the potential of getting infected by it.

Now, after the rapid development that bypassed all of the customary safety guidelines and testing standards used in the industry, the language has shifted subtly to that of “doing your part to stop the spread,” and of “protecting others.” This is supposedly done so we can all go back to some version of the way we lived, worked, and traveled before.

This misleading language is woven throughout government and media messages and is accepted as the valid “truth” by the public.

How does choosing a procedure to possibly protect me and only me, impact anyone else?

Why should the shift in the narrative be so readily permitted when, if the same language had been used initially, the intervention would not have been approved and deemed false?

I can stretch my imagination and see how my personal exercise efforts might impact the community by reducing my hospital and doctor visits over my lifetime. Maybe. It would have little to no impact on today, the next 6 months, and even over the next 2 years. Yet this same thinking is being promoted and encouraged as a short term solution for our current health scare. It doesn’t add up and is simply not true.

My status in regards to this new and experimental procedure will do nothing for you, nor will it impact the health of anyone other than myself. It cannot, does not, and was not designed to, stop the spread or prevent one from being infected. To date, there is also no valid evidence that now, after the roll out to millions of people, that it can do anything at all, never mind reducing infections for anyone.

Yet, I need to reveal my personal health status and choices to strangers and officials, just to be able to function in society and go out in public? I need to wear the scarlet letter as one of the non-compliant and will be labeled as someone not willing to help others, or to do his part?

If you accept this, then what will be next? What will become of people like me who choose not to get this procedure? Will I be cast out more than what I currently am in the court of public opinion? Can I be fined? Jailed? Ordered to not leave my home?

If you think this is extreme, just describe the world as it is today with this scare to the younger you of 2 years ago, and imagine how you would have responded when you heard it. These actions now would have made you an outcast then, yet a hero now.

No, I will not be getting the procedure and I will face the consequences, just or not, lawful or illegal.

My final question is this, “Why would you ever consider getting this procedure if it doesn’t protect you or anyone else?”

Now more than ever I believe, we can do better!

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