End Of Medicine

There should be a mandatory, verified, 90-day lifestyle intervention program before any medication can be given for a chronic health condition.

Once prescribed, the lifestyle should be updated and continued with a six-month follow-up and reassessment of the lifestyle and medication effects to determine the continued need for or dose of the medication.

Every chronic health medication should have an exit strategy and milestones to review the lifestyle changes and adherence on at least a yearly basis.

99% of medication prescriptions should not be lifelong, and if they are not reviewed, reduced, or the lifestyle addressed, the medical providers and the practice model that prescribes them should be reviewed.

The medical allopathic model is not broken. It’s the number one risk to public health and dangerous.

It’s past the opportunity for reform. A new model with a new portal of entry for healthcare providers needs to be created as the first contact in our “healthcare” system.

The conventional medical allopathic system can not be these first points of contact and needs to be pulled back and used as a backup option separate from the new healthcare structure.

Pharmaceutical prescribing must be removed from our first-tier healthcare model, medical service payment insurance must end, and an individual health assurance concept must replace it.

The medical model has ruined our health and wealth as a society, individually and population-wide.

A system independent of the current medical education system, pharmaceutical industry, and insurance companies must be made as a gatekeeper for public health, safety, and transparency.

Do this, and we will continue as a nation and civilization.

Do it not, and we will end in even more disabling disease, bankruptcy, drug dependency, and medical-induced premature mass death.

But don’t wait for the system or government to do this; do it yourself by opting out.

To date, the following healthcare professionals have sold out to the conventional medical industrial complex: 

  • Dentists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Osteopaths
  • Naturopaths
  • Physical Therapists
  • Clinical Nutritionists

In the current healthcare system in the USA, there is only one primary “portal of entry” provider profession: Chiropractic. Chiropractic is still separate and distinct.

Chiropractors are not perfect, but they are the only ones who haven’t sold out to join the conventional medical system. 

Chiropractors integrating and working with other professionals, such as open-minded holistic functional trainers, behavioral nutritionists, health coaches, therapists, and others, might be our only hope in the near future.

I’m done parsing words and avoiding sensitivities. 

Our lives are on the line, and we need to act in our best interests with our voices and money by not funding the medical system, which is the number one contributor to the United States’ gross national product. 

Without it, China matches the USA. THINK ABOUT THAT!

We can do better!

Don’t call me doctor, Don.