Why Do Women Lose Hair When Fasting?

First, most women should expect to lose some hair when she begins extended fasting, and I would encourage you to see that as an excellent sign.

The short answer is when women lose hair when extended fasting, the hair follicles that have not turned over in a long time from their normal hair loss and growth cycle. The body catches up and loses a lot of hair during the deep recycling and repair we see during longer fasts.

Women have twice as many hair follicles as men and have a higher turnover rate and higher new hair growth rate than men creating an ongoing balance naturally.

When we fast, especially for an extended period, our body will significantly increase the natural recycling system while in the fasted metabolic state of repair and eliminate unwanted cells hanging around past their expiration date. 

This also causes the “fasting glow” as our skin rejuvenates and tightens to look years younger.

The more time we spend in this heightened state of recycling, the body will be cleaning out damaged, dysfunctional, senescent (overdue for replacement), and worn-out cells from every tissue and system of the body, including the skin and scalp.

When this cleansing and cellular house cleaning, hair follicles that should have fallen out over the years and didn’t due to metabolic dysfunction, stress, and systemic inflammation, will be targeted at the follicle in the skin of the scalp and brought up to date with the hair rotation.

Some women have experienced very little hair loss while fasting, while some have seen a great deal. 

Every woman I have worked with in my fasting programs reported that their hair fullness returned in time after the fast. Some say it came back looking healthier than before they fasted.

Women who continue to practice longer fasts in a rotation over time didn’t experience hair loss like when they started because the balance has been restored, and the body moves on to the next area of need.

This is an excellent example of what happens inside the body as well as outside with the hair and skin of how the body can heal, detoxify, and upgrade the cells, tissues, and organs of our body, slowing accelerated aging and resetting hormones through the power of well planned, executed and ongoing rotational fasting.

The body is genetically programmed to activate powerful healing mechanisms during the fasted metabolic state. It will heal and grow if we access what is ready and waiting for us to tap into.

I run a 6-Month Hormonal Enhancement and Rotational Fasting program providing a calendar, instructions, and lessons that I coach people through to turn on our innate mechanisms for weight loss, detoxification, recycling, and create a new relationship and metabolic response to food and stress. 

I coach my clients personally through the program and teach them how to set up their fasting for comfort and success, fasting more than they ever thought they possibly could. 

Message me if this interests you, and we can see if fasting is a good fit for you.

Now to finish day 26 of my 30-Day fast!

We can do better!

Dr. Don

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