Which tests are the most telling for our health?

This is why I believe vitamin D and insulin tests are the most telling for our health…..following up on yesterday’s post.

Vitamin D is why there is multicellular life on earth. It is not a vitamin but the first hormone that emerged to allow single-cell bacteria to merge and connect with others to create multicellular organisms through the power of the sun and eventually…..us.

The glue that binds cells together in groups and tissues, the Velcro between one cell and the next is mediated by vitamin D.

As our vitamin D levels in our body go down our cells gain room in-between each other to “spread” and lose their tight association with the rest of the tissue and eventually grow.

As insulin rises and stays constant it signals the body to lower vitamin D.

Insulin is a major GROWTH hormone. Growth, as in growing a baby or maturing a child to adulthood.

Insulin signals that it is time to grow and vitamin D goes down to loosen the connections between cells and allow them to spread and eventually multiply.

This can allow cancer to form and as it inevitably does the body response and cleans it up.

Magnify this over years and years and we see the system weaken in the form of insulin resistance leading to pre-pre-diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, weight gain and obesity, and much more.

The spreading of the cells in this process leads to plaques being formed….. in the pancreas, in the blood vessels and heart, and in the brain.

This growth process and plaque can eventually lead to cancerous growth.

Fat gain, as in being overweight or obese is a reflection of being in this insulin dominant growth mode.

Being fit or even muscular is not about growth, but repair…..that is another post.


Insulin-friendly diet and lifestyle. Keep following for details.

If you see the warning signs now in you or your family, you need to seek help NOW because it can be reversed in most cases.

Hope that helps, we can do better!

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