The Effect of Processed Carbs on The Brain

Although Insulin Degradation Enzyme (IDE) can do 2 things, it only does one or the other.

  1. Break down amyloid plaque deposits in the brain.
  2. Break down insulin and clear it from the brain.

A very new and unique finding shows that the brain actually produces insulin.

As any excess insulin that circulates in our system can damage the brain, the IDE’s job is to clear it out. If insulin levels are however constantly high, IDE does not manage to remove dangerous plaques in the brain and these plaques can then build up and lead to various illnesses, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia, as well as what is now known as Type 3 diabetes.

When a person is insulin resistant high insulin levels are normally accompanied by high blood sugar. High blood sugar can damage the brain in two ways:

  1. High insulin and high blood sugar swing glucose levels up and then drops blood sugar. The low after every high depletes brain energy and lowers the blood-brain barrier defenses. This allows toxins into the brain that would not normally get in. A drop in brain energy also causes excitotoxic brain cell damage and this could potentially lead to brain cell death.
  2. Glucose metabolism produces an estimated 6 to 50 times as many free radicals as fat metabolism does. Free radicals oxidize cells and this can lead to increased formation of brain plaque, as well as pancreatic plaque.

We are learning every day about how sugar intake, processed carbs, processed oils, grains, food toxins, and high insulin literally destroy our health and brain.

The trick is not to go low carb, paleo, all-natural, or keto, but it is rather about going low insulin and the rest will fall in place.

Although going “keto” or “paleo” with low carbs, and eating all-natural whole foods will absolutely help with the insulin reduction concept, there is however a lot more to it.

Eating junk every day, even at the so-called “moderation” levels, is enough to do damage.

Choose wisely my friends, I want you to remember who I am when we are old!

We can do better!

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