What Is The Actual Cause of Heart Failure?

“…arteriosclerosis is a “secondary phenomenon, purely incidental, and is not the prime factor initiating [a heart] attack,” Dr. Sandler, Retired Naval Surgeon.

Dr. Sandler then points to dysfunctional blood-sugar regulation as the actual cause of heart failure. Based on years of documented clinical work. Back in 1958!

His initial reason for looking at this was that so many people had heart attacks without atherosclerosis. 

Most people with atherosclerosis died of other causes other than heart attacks and heart disease (which is still true today).

The cholesterol theory was not founded on trials but a study that would today be considered fraudulent research. 

Yet, we banked an entire industry on it for the last 65 years and wagered millions of people’s lives.

My thought is this: If health care/medicine can get this issue wrong from the inception and perpetuate it for 65 years in the face of emerging data that this idea was false, the number one cause of death, the reason more Americans have died than any other in more than a half a century….what else could at the least, need new thinking?

My contention to you, ladies and gentlemen, is that every side and aspect of health, healthcare, medicine, to natural approaches needs OUR new thinking.

OUR new thinking, as in each and every one of us looking at these things as they come, in alignment with our own core values, and make the investment of time and resources to understand what is going on, be pro-active, and at the end of the day be prepared to be accountable for our own health and the health of our families OURselves.

Seek help when needed or wanted along the way, consult professionals of whom you value their opinion, build your tribe, and learn every step of the way but understand that no one will “heal” you. 

No doctor or procedure can “cure” you, and there is no magic pill, powder, potion, lotion, miracle juice, or herb; you are responsible for yourself and your family.

Ultimately, you gain the benefit or pay the price for any healthcare and lifestyle choices; let’s own it!

Contact me to start a discussion when you are ready to do things differently.

We can do better!

Dr. Don

1.  How to Prevent Heart Attacks. Benjamin P. Sandler, MD. Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research 1958

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